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COVID-19: Vouchers - Validity of 2 years and bonus of 20%

This offer is no longer in place. Check new regulations here.

More flexibility, more value, more time to manage reservations, for all tickets with original travel starting until June 30th.

The voucher will be made on the total unused value of the ticket with an additional 20% of the value;


We have extended the validity of the vouchers to 2 years and this possibility is available for tickets that have the first flight until June 30, 2020.

Valid for orders placed by agents or passengers on/after April 9th;

The issuance of the voucher for the total amount of the ticket is applicable to tottaly unused tickets;

Additional value is calculated based on the original value of the ticket. As an example, if the original ticket has a total amount of 100Eur  , the voucher will be issued with a total amount of 120Eur;

Vouchers used by  an agency or passenger on a TAP direct channel ( or Contact Center), originating from a ticket issued by a travel agency, will be considered agency revenue for the purpose of calculating incentives.

(1) Voucher redemption: see how to request here.
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