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Passengers Contacts in the Bookings
Updated on 07 Jul 2022

Please be reminded that passenger contact details in bookings are essential, especially in these extraordinary times of operational disruptions.

TAP is obliged to inform its passengers as soon as possible if any irregularity occurs on a flight. Therefore, at least one passenger contact (either telephone or e-mail address) must be inserted in the PNR, but ideally both. 

Before issuing the tickets, you must actively ask the passengers for the contact details to be inserted in the booking if they wish to do so. 

If passengers do not wish to disclose their contact details, that prerogative should also be inserted in the PNR under SSR CTCR and the text REFUSED. In this situation, the passenger should be alerted that they may not receive important information from the airline.

This data will be used exclusively for operational notifications. For example: 

  • flight schedule changes (changes that are not planned and occur on the departure of a flight),
  • rebookings (any change of date or flight number, or route),
  • change of boarding gate (if the boarding gate originally allocated is changed, TAP informs the passenger of this change via SMS)
  • and also notification of check-in opening (TAP sends an alert so that the passenger can check in more easily online and/or via mobile devices)
  • closer to the time of travel, passengers are reminded of the possibility of early check-in, if they have not already done so, among others. 


Automatic notifications

To improve communication between the airline and customers, TAP has an automatic notification service, via SMS or e-mail, about changes in flight times, rebooking, boarding gate changes, etc. 

To take advantage of this service, please insert the mobile phone contact and e-mail address or frequent flyer number correctly at the time of booking.

TAP will identify the best contact for notifying the passenger, either in the booking or in the customer profile. 

If the passenger wishes to be kept up to date with all the details of their journey, please ensure that their contact details are correctly inserted in the booking. 


Check the correct GDS Entries. If in doubt, contact TAP. 

Your cooperation in entering your customers' contacts is essential for good communication with passengers in these situations. 


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