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Procedures for cancelled flights (UN)
Updated on 08 Jul 2022
Procedures for cancelled flights (UN)

See conditions below


Change of route and/or tickets with interline or Code-share flights:

  • check conditions with your Agency Help Desk/Sales Representative


TAP Ticket changes (only TP 047 pure flights):

  • New travel date
    • For fully unused tickets or partially used tickets
      • change of travel date allowed within ticket validity
  • Same route - Waive of the change fee (DU tax waive) and no fare difference to be collected:
    • Rebook on the same cabin
    • Rebook on same RBD or lowest available - change of brand not allowed - 
    • No new fare calculation applies. Keep the same fare construction on the new ticket.
    • Change at no cost, i.e no change fee  (DU tax) nor fare difference to be collected.
  • Endorsements: SCHED CHNG TP XXX /DDMM
  • Associated services EMDs can be used in the new reservation. 
  • Refunds: check the conditions for refunds due to irregularity HERE.




→  We draw your attention to the mandatory rebooking to be made in the same booking class (RBD) as the ticket or in the lowest available class.

→ Any change made after the rebooking due to irregularity will be considered voluntary and as such, the fare rule must be followed.

 In case of subsequent voluntary changes/re-issues, the class/fare of the original ticket before the reissue due to UN, must always be respected or taken into account. 


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