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Boarding Areas
Updated on 08 Nov 2023


Help your customer to start the trip smoothly and without delays.

Information on the Boarding Pass

It is important that passengers have their boarding pass and identification document ready for verification at all times.

The boarding pass will help passengers from the moment they arrive at the airport until they board the plane, as it contains the following information:

  • Flight departure time;
  • Terminal from which the flight departs;
  • Boarding gate - passengers should be aware the boarding gate information may change. Passengers should check the information screens available at the airports to make sure they are in the right place; this information also depends on how far in advance check-in is done, so it may not appear on the boarding pass;
  • Boarding area;
  • Seat number;
  • Travel class;
  • Priority access to security (i.e. FAST, if applicable);
  • Access to Lounge (i.e LOUG if applicable).
Boarding Areas and Sequence: Premium, A, B, and C

We have simplified the boarding zones in the airports where we operate, so that boarding is faster and with more comfort and convenience for all passengers
On the plane, smaller personal belongings that passengers take with them, such as backpacks or laptop bags, should be placed under the seat in front of them, ensuring that passengers have everything they need with them, freeing up space in the baggage compartments for larger items.

Premium - passengers flying Executive, TOP Executive, and TAP Miles&Go Gold, TAP Miles&Go Silver cardholders continue to have access to a priority boarding area, the "Premium Boarding" area.

Area A, B, and, C -Area A (corresponding to the rear rows of the plane), Area B (corresponding to the middle rows of the plane), Area C (corresponding to the front rows of the plane)

In order to meet flight schedules, we close the boarding gates 30 minutes before departure time. Passengers must be at the boarding gate before this time.g gate before this time.


The boarding sequence:

1. Families with infants (under 2 years of age) and passengers with special needs;
2. Premium Boarding customers (may board when they wish after families with infants ans special needs);
3. Boarding Area A customers
4.Sequentially, Boarding Areas B and C .

Premium Boarding

Premium Boarding is a differentiated boarding service that gives priority to the passengers so that they can settle in and store their luggage on the plane with all the comforts. Passengers can quickly get on board and enjoy the following benefits

  • Exclusive area at the boarding gate (depending on the airport infrastructure);
  • Boarding at the desired time;
  • Exclusive buses (for long-haul flights departing from Lisbon when access to the aircraft is not available by the jet bridge).


Top Executive
TAP Passenger
TAP Miles&Go Gold
Star Alliance Gold card
TAP Miles&Go Silver



Preferred Boarding

The Preferred Boarding service provides a smooth and time-saving start to the journey.

Passengers can add Preferred Boarding to any Economy Class fare (Discount, Basic, Classic and Plus) and board earlier to guarantee space for hand luggage. Boarding takes place in the Premium zone.

From 08 November 2023, the applicable price for the Preferred Boarding service will be shown during the booking process. Prices may vary depending on the sales channel, seasonality and availability. Online purchase channels include the FlyTAP website, Booking Manager (IBE, MYB), Online Check-in and GDS, Contact Centre, Counters and Airport Kiosk).

Passengers must present themselves at the boarding gate before boarding begins so that TAP can guarantee the "Preferred Boarding" service.

Service Conditions:

  • Service available for Customers traveling in Economy Class 
  • Boarding in Zone A, after Premium Customers
  • Available on all flights, except flights from Lisbon to the United States and from Heathrow Airport, (LHR), to Lisbon.
  • Customers must present themselves at the boarding gate before boarding begins, otherwise, TAP cannot guarantee delivery of the service
  • The service prices are dynamic. The prices must be checked in the system at the time of booking (the system will return the applicable quote).
  • The Preferred Boarding service is non-refundable, however, while maintaining the same service, the EMD may be changed to another flight/date, valid for 1 year from the issue date. If the passenger upgrades to Business Class, the service paid for will be fully refundable.
  • Available for sale through the usual channels until the close of the flight (not available for sale at boarding gates).
  • If the service is booked after the passenger's boarding pass has been issued, it will be necessary to reissue the boarding pass.
  • The purchase of this service does not imply the reservation of the luggage compartment above the seat
  • This service does not include more hand luggage allowance than the customer is entitled to (at the purchased fare)
  • Boarding by bus does not guarantee first boarding on the aircraft
  • TAP may suspend this type of boarding at any time for safety or other reasons
  • Not endorsable
  • Subject to availability
  • Service is available for all aircraft, except ATR-operated flights.
  • This service is only available on flights operated by TAP or on its behalf. (Except for ATR aircraft).


GDS Entry



Important Additional Information

It is important that passengers pay attention to the time required for document control.
The waiting time for document control at national airports, carried out by the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF), may exceed 30 minutes.

In order to avoid flight delays or even no-shows, TAP advises all passengers travelling on intercontinental flights and to non-Schengen countries to check the waiting time at SEF and plan their journey to the airport in time.

TAP also recommends that electronic ID document holders who are not travelling with minors use the automatic check-in machines.






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