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Boarding Areas
Updated on 12 Oct 2022


BOARDING AREAS: Premium, A, B, and C

We simplified the boarding areas in the airports where we operate so that boarding can take place faster and with greater comfort and convenience for all passengers.

On the plane, the smaller personal belongings that passengers take with them, such as a shoulder bag or a laptop computer, should be placed under the seat in front of them. This ensures that passengers have everything they need with them and frees up space in the luggage compartments for larger items.

Premium - passengers flying Executive, TOP Executive, and TAP Miles&Go Gold, TAP Miles&Go Silver cardholders continue to have access to a priority boarding area, the "Premium" boarding area.

Area A, B, and, C -Area A (corresponding to the rear rows of the plane), Area B (corresponding to the middle rows of the plane), Area C (corresponding to the front rows of the plane)

To ensure on-time flights, we close the boarding gates 30 minutes before departure time. Passengers should be at the boarding gate before this time.

The boarding pass contains the following information:

  • Flight departure time;
  • The terminal from which the flight departs;
  • The boarding gate - passengers should note that gates can change, so they should keep an eye on the information screens available at airports to make sure they go to the right gate; in addition, the information also depends on how long in advance the check-in was made and therefore may not appear on the boarding pass at that time;
  • The boarding area;
  • The seat number;
  • The  class of travel;
  • Priority access to security (i.e. FAST, if applicable);
  • Access to Lounge (i.e LOUG if applicable).

Boarding Sequence

Boarding passes and identification documents must be ready for inspection at all times. The boarding sequence is as follows:

1st. Families with small children (under the age of 2) and passengers with special needs;

2nd. Premium Boarding passengers, who, nevertheless may board at their convenience;

3rd. Passengers in boarding area A

4th. Passengers in boarding areas B and C.



Premium Boarding is a differentiated boarding service that gives passengers priority to be seated and store their luggage on the plane with all the comforts. Passengers will be able to settle on board quickly and enjoy:

  • An exclusive area at the departure gate (depending on the airport infrastructure);
  • Possibility of boarding at the desired time;
  • Exclusive buses for long-haul flights departing from Lisbon, when access to the plane is not available by the jet bridge.

Note: the Premium Boarding service is not available on TAP Air Shuttle - Funchal | Oporto | Madrid

Top Executive
TAP Passenger
TAP Miles&Go Gold
Star Alliance Gold card
TAP Miles&Go Silver



Attention to the time necessary for the control of documentation at the border

The required time for the control of documentation at Portuguese airports, under the responsibility of the Immigration and Borders Service (SEF), can be over 30 minutes.

In order to avoid delays of flights or even non-attendance, TAP advises all Passengers with intercontinental and non-Schengen flights to check the waiting time at the SEF and to plan in advance the arrival at the airport and thus at border control.

It is recommended that passengers not travelling with minors preferably use automatic control machines if they carry electronic identity documents.


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