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COVID 19 – Rules for voucher issuance - eff 17June20

This offer is no longer in place. Check new regulations here.


For tickets issued until the 15th of May

  • Vouchers issued against tickets and associated EMD’s with the original travel date until the 30th  of June  2020
    • Voucher requests made from the 9th of April
    • Voucher for the total value of the unused ticket
      • Bonus increase of 20% for totally unused tickets

Tickets issued on any date

  • Vouchers issued against Tickets and associated EMD’s with the original travel date between the 1st of July and the 30 September where at least one of the flights was cancelled:
    • Voucher  request made from the 8th of June
    • Voucher for the total value of the unused ticket
      • Bonus increase of 20% in totally unused tickets 


The voucher can be requested HERE.

Voucher conditions and use:

  • Vouchers ordered from the 8th of June are valid for 1 year;
  • The voucher will be valid for the payment of travel and / or TAP services;
  • The value of the voucher can be used in full or partially. The balance can be used on another journey, within the validity period.
  • The voucher is transferable, with authorization from the holder;
  • It is not refundable;
  • Vouchers used by an agency or passenger on a TAP direct channel ( or Contact Center), originating from a ticket issued by a travel agency, will be considered agency revenue for the purpose of calculating incentives.

Voucher redemption: see how to request here.

Note:  the issuance of tickets against vouchers shall not be subject to ticket issuance fee.

New: besides the voucher number, it's necessary from now on to insert the email address where it was received.

For tickets issued from 1 September 2020, please click here 

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