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Automated check-in (ACI)
Updated on 10 Feb 2023

Easy, Practical and Hassle-free

The Automated Check-In (ACI) is another channel for self check-in, where passengers are automatically accepted without any action from their side.

For this, it is necessary that some elements (described below) are present in the PNR. The passenger will receive an email or SMS, with a link to obtain the boarding pass.

Required Elements on the PNR and GDS Entries 
Required elements on the PNR


Ticket Number – Electronic Ticket Number

Valid Contact:

  • e-mail (SSR CTCE)
  • mobile (SSR CTCM) - country code must be added ex. 0044...

APIs – if required by the country of destination or transfer


Emergency Contact is requested by some countries.  It is mandatory to insert it as SSR CTC.
If the passenger refuses, the  following message should be entered in the PNR: SR CTC REFUSED 


GDS entries



SR CTCM-00351123456789/PT/P2  






General Terms and Conditions

Availability of automatic check-in:

  • Only Passengers with a confirmed booking.
  • Available 24 hours before departure.
  • If passengers are traveling without baggage they may proceed directly to the gate. 
  • In case of carrying baggage in the hold, passengers need to leave it at the drop-off counter at the airport. Check here the drop-off schedules.

To ensure that flights leave on time, the gate is closed 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time. To guarantee punctuality passengers should be informed to be at the gate before the closing time.


Restrictions on automatic check-in:

Due to certain countries' legislation, it is mandatory to request extra information from passengers. Automated check-in is only possible if this information is added to the PNR. We recommend that you insert the required information when creating a PNR.

When entering or leaving Schengen Area it is mandatory to insert more detailed information regarding passenger identification (APIs). Check here for the list of countries that belong to the Schengen agreement.

Passengers with Special Services

In similar situations to other self-check-in channels, passengers with special services like UMNR / PETC / WCHC / BLND / DEAF / DPNA / SVAN  will be accepted by ACI but no boarding card will be printed. Passengers will receive an e-mail informing them that check-in was successfully done and boarding passes will be printed at the airport.


Boarding cards will be sent to passengers who have valid contacts in the  PNR. If there is only one contact on a group PNR,  all boarding cards will be sent to that contact.

Available Languages

  • PT - Portuguese
  • EN - English
  • ES - Spanish
  • FR - French
  • IT - Italian
  • NL - Dutch
  • DE - German
  • PL - Polish 
  • RU – Russian
Important Information
At  Abidjan, Accra, Casablanca, Moscow, Lomé, Praia, Marrakech, Tangier, and São Vicente airports passengers must collect their boarding card at the airport, even if they have received automatic check-in confirmation by text message or email.




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