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Quotation, booking and emission * FlyGroups Platform *
Updated on 06 Nov 2023

Booking groups with TAP is very intuitive through the Flygroups platform.

The platform is simplified for all IATA and non-IATA agencies. It provides the possibility of quoting and booking Groups on flights operated by TAP with dynamic pricing.

Below is a brief guide to the main features of the portal.

General information

 With FlyGroups you can self-manage groups of 10 to 95 seats, on flights operated by TAP Air Portugal, for One Way, Round Trip or Multi-City itineraries.

Exceptions must continue to be requested outside the platform (see contacts below):

  • Oversized groups
  • Groups in Business Class


A group booking must have a minimum of 10 passengers on the same flight on the same date, going and returning in Economy Class.

A group booking must have at least 6 passengers on the same flight on the same date, going and returning in Business Class.


Creating an account on FlyGroups

If you don't have an account on the platform yet, creating an account on FlyGroups is very easy:

  • Go to the login page

  • Click on "I'm an industry professional".
  • Select the option "Create new account".
  • Fill in the data indicating whether you are an IATA or a NON-IATA agency.
  • Fill in the details of the Agency Administrator
  • Submit your request in "Register".

TAP must first approve your account. Once approved by TAP you will become an active member. Once TAP receives and accepts your request, you will automatically receive your account information by email.

Fare quote for Group bookings

When you enter the details of your request (routes, dates, number of passengers...), you will immediately see the number of seats available and the price of each flight.

Once the chosen flights have been selected, a summary of costs and conditions is displayed.

Click on "Show fare and taxes breakdown" to see the estimated fares and airport taxes that will have to be recalculated when you issue your tickets.

By scrolling down the page, you can download the contract detailing the conditions and deadlines for cancellations, reductions, inserting names and issuing tickets by clicking on "Preview terms and conditions".

At this time, follow one of the options below:

  • "Save price for 7 days"- The price is kept for a maximum period of 7 days. If saved, TAP guarantees the price during this period but does not guarantee space.
  • "Book a Group" - The quote is accepted and a PNR is generated when there is availability on the flights. Once you do this you will be committing to all Terms & conditions of the contract.
  • "Reject" - If you have saved the rate under "Save price for 7 days", you can later reject the quote.

If no action is taken after obtaining a quote, it will expire after 60 minutes.


For requests over 74 passengers, the process will not be automatic. The group must be requested on FlyGroups but will be analyzed manually by TAP. You must "send a message to TAP" indicating the flights, dates, number of passengers, and all the relevant information to make the group.



Group Terms and Conditions

When you click on "Book a group", the terms and conditions must be previously accepted (by clicking on the items indicated) and it will be automatically associated with your booking:

The Terms and Conditions can be easily downloaded for each group booked.



Itinerary change

Whenever any change is requested, the request is automatically reviewed, and a new quote is offered for the new order. The price may differ from the original.

Before making any changes, please check the terms and conditions.



Group bookings are not eligible for an Upgrade with miles.

If the customer wishes to travel in Business Class, please contact the Groups area to assess the possibility of changing the cabin of travel, upon payment of the corresponding Business Class fare.


Entering Names

Names must be entered before the deadline indicated in the terms and conditions. FlyGroups will automatically cancel or reduce groups that have exceeded the deadline.

FlyGroups will notify the travel agent of cancellations or reductions 48 hours in advance. The warning period will take into consideration the weekend.



Tickets must be issued before the deadline indicated in the terms and conditions. FlyGroups will automatically cancel or reduce groups that exceed the issuing time limit.


By clicking on the "Servicing" page of the booked group, you can manage changes and cancellations, as well as enter the names and contact details of the passengers.

The main functionalities of the “Servicing” are:

  • Change reservation.
  • Increase the number of seats.
  • Cancel all or part of the seats.
  • Add, remove, and modify passenger names.
  • Add, remove, and modify DOCS and FQTV
  • Pay the deposit.
  • Issue the group.

Whenever you make a change to your booking, you must return to the "Overview" page and click on "Synchronize" to update the group.

Enter names and contacts

Click on Servicing

Select one of the options to enter the names:

  • Add names and documents
  • Import names and documents from file

Option 1: Add names and documents:

A window will appear on the right-hand side of the screen for filling in the passengers' names and contact details one by one.

At the bottom of the page, you should "Save and close".

Option 2- Click on "Import file names and documents".

The Excel file will be available for download:

The Excel file should be filled in according to the instructions:

Please note: In the cells of the file there must be no spaces before or after a word/character. Special characters and/or accents cannot be inserted.


Once the file has been filled in with all the passenger data, it can be uploaded to automatically insert the names in the associated booking.

The names of the passengers will be displayed and the process of entering them will be completed by selecting all the passengers and clicking on "import passenger details" at the bottom of the page.

In addition to the first and last name and date of birth for children, please include a telephone number or email address for each passenger.

It is mandatory to enter the mobile number of the TOUR LEADER or the person in charge of the group.

This information should be inserted in OSI in GDS as follows: SURNAME/NAME and Mobile number with country code.

In the case that the Tour Leader does not travel with the group, the booking must include the contact details of the person in charge from the travel agency who has the autonomy and authorization to accept changes to booked flights.

If the contact details are not entered, it will not be possible to proceed with the PNR "Claim" and/or issue the ticket.

Ticketing Procedures

1 . To proceed with the claim of the PNR and ticketing, click on "Ticketing".

2 . Then click on the "Issue tickets".

The list of passengers will be available for a final check and, at the bottom, click on "Request Ticket issuance".

From this page, you can click on "View TST".

Click on the "View" button to see the ticket mask with all the details needed to issue it correctly.

Each group is confirmed by a net amount corresponding to the FARE + YQ.

When displaying the TST, the fare base will be shown separately from the YQ.

(for example, LIS-OPO-LIS Group, the NET FARE with confirmed YQ is 82 euros = fare of 54 euros + 28 euros YQ + airport taxes).

By clicking on the "magnifying glass" icon in the "taxes" field, you can see the details of the applicable airport taxes and the amount of YQ.

Returning to the "Request Ticketing" page, you can request a PNR Claim by selecting the last option "I want to Claim this PNR Bypass this step" and clicking the "Continue".

Group service fee – DV

An issue fee (DV) will be charged according to your group's terms and conditions.


Name correction

  • Before issuing, the names entered can be changed free of charge.
  • After the ticket has been issued, you will be charged a fee (DU) for changing names
  • When reissuing, the following text must be inserted in Endorsements: reissue due corr name.

For name changes or corrections, please contact the TAP group department during office hours.


Routing/date/flight changes after issuance

  • Not authorized.



  • Not authorized.

Unauthorized refunds and reissues on Group tickets are audited and penalized via ADM.

Deposit balance payment for NON-IATA agencies 

Non-Iata agencies must pay a deposit as indicated on the platform.

Payment of the deposit, as well as the balance of the tickets, can be made by credit card or bank transfer.

The balance of the tickets will be calculated automatically when you choose "request a ticket".

Enter the email address where you want to receive the tickets and click on "continue":

Select the form of payment:

In the case of a bank transfer, a copy of the bank transfer must be attached to FlyGroups for each PNR that is part of the group.

Due to the time needed to receive and register payment by bank transfer, it is recommended that payment is made at least 7 working days before the contractual deadline.

Other Form of Payment: Credit Card.


All communication will be made through the FlyGroups platform.

If you need any additional information or clarification, you can email the support teams assigned to your agency. Please put the PNR and the order number (US...) in the email's subject. To speed up the process, please always use communication via the platform.

Email: [email protected]


To open a complaint in Talk to Us on behalf of all passengers in a Group, please follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the complaint form, stating that you represent the Group.
  2. Download and complete the provided Power of Attorney form, to be signed by the passenger. 
  3. Submit the filled and signed Power of Attorney form and the respective passenger's ID, along with the complaint, through Talk to Us on the website.



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