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BABIES ON BOARD - INF quota per flight
Updated on 04 Jul 2024

Please note that there is a specific limit to the number of babies allowed on board our flights.

This maximum limit varies according to the aircraft type, due to the availability of suitable seats (oxygen masks, life jackets and seat belts).

To ensure compliance with this limit, in addition to all the booking and issuing conditions associated with the carriage of infants, TAP has established a strict booking procedure that must be followed carefully.

We ask for your cooperation in ensuring these procedures are strictly followed.

  • Before issuing any ticket on a booking that includes infants, it is essential to confirm that the status of the SSR INFT is HK (Holding Confirmed).
  • If the SSR INFT status is UC (Unable to Confirm), the baby cannot be accepted on that flight and the ticket cannot be issued. In this case, you must choose another flight where there is availability and the SSR INFT status is HK.

We are committed to ensuring passenger safety and satisfaction and count on your cooperation to strictly follow these guidelines. Thank you for your attention and continued cooperation.

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