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COVID-19 tests at Lisbon airport - updated 18Jul21
Updated on 07 May 2021

For holders of TAP Tickets

If the travel destination requires a COVID-19 test, in partnership with UCS - Cuidados Integrados de Saúde, TAP can now provide PCR or Rapid Antigen Tests for SARS-COV2 at Lisbon airport, with the following benefits:

  • Priority access.
  • Exclusive rates:
    • Rapid Antigen Test: €21
    • PCR test: €85
    • RT-PCR Urgent*: €150
  • Personalised, quality service.
*This service is exclusive for specific/urgent situations with a limited number of vacancies

The test results are sent directly to your e-mail, in order to provide you with all the comfort and simplicity in this process. The result of the Rapid Antigen Test is sent within 45 minutes and the result of the RT-PCR test within 12 hours. UCS has also available an exclusive service for specific/urgent situations with a limited number of vacancies of the RT-PCR Urgent test in which the result is issued within 2 hours.

After checking the test requirements by their destination, passengers can book the type of test on the UCS website.

In case the reservation has more than one passenger, the same form can also be used to book the test for all.

Tests are carried out everyday.

UCS location:

Lisbon Airport, Rua B (B Street), Building 8,
1700-008 Lisbon

From April 19, also at the new UCS facilities at Lisbon Airport's public area, in the international departures area. 

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