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Updated on 15 Dec 2021

Considering that the entry regulations in each country may change at any time, and that each destination has its own specific procedures, please confirm HERE what the entry requirements are and the procedures due to COVID-19.  Always confirm the information with official government agencies.

Please be advised that it is the responsibility of the passenger to comply with all government policies and entry requirements and failure to comply may result in denied boarding for the flight or entry to the destination.

ONLINE REGISTRATION - Required before boarding

All passengers authorized to travel to Norway, will be required to complete the Digital Registration Form within 72 hours prior to boarding, except children under the age of 16.

More information HERE

Norway uses a system of colors assignment to each country/region to determine the level of infection for COVID-19. The color assigned to the country from which the passenger arrives will determine if they will need to enter quarantine, and what rules they must follow when entering Norway. 

In green / orange countries/regions, the infection rate is considered low and no quarantine is required. If you arrive in Norway from a green / orange country/region (no stopover or stay in quarantined countries/regions), you do not have to enter quarantine. However, if arriving from a red / dark red / purple / gray country/region the general rule is that passengers over 18 years of age must be quarantined.

Country Map and Color Key - See HERE

Please always check all entry/exit requirements, on Norway's official government websites, prior to your client's trip. 


From December 3rd

  • From December 3, 2021, anyone arriving in Norway must be tested, regardless of their vaccination status.  

A passenger may travel to Norway if:

  • Presents a valid 1Digital COVID-19 Certificate confirming that he/she is fully vaccinated or has had COVID-19 within the six months prior to travel
  • Is a citizen or resident of the EU/EEA, Switzerland or the UK or a purple colored country/territory and have stayed there for the 10 days prior to entering Norway.  Read detailed information at this link - UDI Norwegian Directorate of Immigration

Unless the passenger belongs to one of the two groups mentioned above, they will have to fall under one of the exceptions to be allowed to enter Norway. See who can enter the country from outside the EU/EEA/Schengen countries - HERE

1Valid COVID-19 certificates when entering Norway

When entering Norway, passengers must be able to present a valid COVID-19 certificate to verify that they are fully vaccinated or have had COVID-19 during the preceding six months. The COVID-19 certificate must have a QR-code that can be verified by the Norwegian authorities.

The following certificates can be used upon entry to Norway:

  • Norwegian, Swedish, or Danish COVID-19 certificate
  • The EU digital COVID certificate  
  • NHS COVID-pass from England and Wales
  • COVID certificate from Northern-Ireland
  • COVID-19 Vaccination certificate from Scotland
Visit the webpages of the EU-commission for an overview of which countries within or outside of the EU that are part of the EU digital COVID-19 certificate -  HERE

Entry quarantine upon arrival in Norway

Must be quarantined:

  • Passengers coming from a red, dark red, purple or gray country or region (who are not fully vaccinated or have not had a certificate of recovery by COVID-19 within the last six months) must remain in quarantine for 10 days after arrival in Norway. Read the exceptions in the notes bellow.
  • Passengers coming from green countries and regions, who have visited or transited in the last 10 days, countries that have quarantine duty. In this case, they must be quarantined for 10 days after arrival in Norway.


  • Violation of the quarantine duty is a criminal offense.
  • Passengers must complete quarantine in their own home or other suitable accommodation. If they do not have suitable accommodation, it will be offered quarantine hotel accommodation.
  • If passengers arrive through a green or orange zone, travel quarantine may be reduced by the number of days he/she has been in this zone. The quarantine period may be reduced if you perform a PCR test and obtain a negative result (no sooner than 3 days after arrival).

Quarantine Exceptions - Read HERE

Don't have to do quarantine:

  • Passengers coming from EEA/Schengen/UK countries/regions with a sufficiently low infection rate (green countries/regions - no need for quarantine on arrival)
  • Passengers arriving from a green/orange country/region (even if passing through areas that are considered mandatory quarantine zones) without having used public transport, spent the night there, and without having had close contact with anyone other than members of their own household - do not need to be quarantined upon arrival in Norway.
  • Passengers who are fully vaccinated or have had COVID-19 within the past six months are exempt from quarantine on entry if they have valid documentation. Only the presentation of a COVID-19 certificate with a QR code that can be verified by Norwegian authorities is considered a secure and verifiable way to document previous vaccination or illness.
Country Map and Color Key - See HERE
Quarantine Rules and Locations - Read HERE



Mandatory testing on arrival:

  • Passengers coming from countries/regions with quarantine duty will have to be tested unless they have recovered from COVID-19 or are fully vaccinated and present their valid certificates. 
  • As a rule, passengers will have to be tested upon arrival at the airport with rapid antigen test.
    • If testing positive, passengers will have to be PCR tested within 24 hours (except passengers from non-EEA countries / Switzerland who, in case of a positive antigen test, will have to be PCR tested again immediately afterwards at the point of arrival)

Useful Links

Check the Norwegian government portal where you will find all the specific information.

Norwegian Institute of Public Health

Official website of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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