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Updated on 23 Jun 2022

Considering that each country's COVID-19 entry regulations may change at any time, and that each destination has its own specific procedures, please always confirm the information in TIMATIC in your GDS, IATA TRAVEL CENTER, SHERPA or with official government agencies of the destination country.

Please be advised that it is the responsibility of the passenger to comply with all government policies and entry requirements and failure to comply may result in denied boarding for the flight or entry to the destination.

From April 22, 2022, the additional health measures for all air travel to Luxembourg are repealed, except for third-country nationals.

Passengers aged 12 years and 2 months or older, allowed to enter Luxembourg, are no longer required to present a vaccination or recovery certificate or the negative result of a PCR or antigen test for Covid-19.

Citizens of the European Union and countries associated with the Schengen area, as well as citizens of San Marino, Andorra, Monaco and the Vatican/Saint See, are free to enter the territory of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, regardless of the purpose of their stay.

Please note that travel restrictions still apply for third country nationals.

  • If they are in possession of a residence permit or a residence permit for family members of a Union citizen, including persons falling under the provisions of the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement, as well as any other person holding a right of residence or a national long term visa in accordance with the national law of a Member State of the European Union or of the countries associated with the Schengen area.
  • Or if they meet one of the following conditions:
    • If they are in possession of a certificate proving a complete vaccination pattern that is considered equivalent in Luxembourg. The validity of the vaccination certificate is set at 9 months from the date when the vaccination pattern is considered completed. The validity of the certificate for the booster vaccination is unlimited (for further info read FAQs 1+2+4 - here );
    • If they are in possession of a recovery certificate that is considered equivalent in Luxembourg. The validity of the recovery certificate starts on the 11th day after the date of the first positive NAAT test result and ends at the latest 180 days after the given result (for further info read FAQ 3+4 - here );
    • Or if they are residents of third countries included on the list of third countries whose residents should not affected by a temporary restriction at the external borders (and who are authorised to enter Luxembourg, including for non-essential travels) ((for further info read FAQ 5 - here );
    • Or if their travel is considered essential or if they fall under one of the exceptions provided for family members of Luxembourg residents ((for further info read FAQ 10+11+12+13 - here).



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