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REMINDER - Passenger's Name
Updated on 10 Jan 2024

Given the recent number of requests for clarification on the insertion and correction of names in reservations, we would like to remind you all reservations made on TAP AIR PORTUGAL flights must include in the passenger name field the last family name and first given name, followed by the Title (ex: MRS, MR, MISS, MSTR) and Passenger Type Code (ex: ADT, CHD, INF, etc.).

Always check a customer ID document to avoid name corrections later on.

TAP does not require more than first name and last name, some companies may also require the full name in the name field.

Never make Name Changes or Corrections to Bookings or Tickets with Interline involved

If there are Code Share flights involved, please contact the Agencies Helpdesk in advance.

Check HERE the commercially authorized name corrections by TAP Air Portugal's policy. 

Remember that once the name has been corrected on the reservation, the ticket must be reissued. 

Check the rules for reissuing tickets due to name corrections HERE.

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