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Transportation of Firearms and Ammunition
Updated on 28 Mar 2024

The transportation of firearms on TAP flights is only permitted for personal use intended for sporting and hunting purposes. This transport service is subject to the presentation of all necessary licences and authorisations and must be booked and confirmed prior to arrival at the airport.

If the passenger intends to travel with weapons and ammunition, please check the transport and safety conditions to be met:

  • No weapons or ammunition may be transported in the cabin;
  • At check-in, they must be delivered unloaded, disassembled and properly packed;
  • The passenger must present weapon documentation in order, including the registration and the use and carrying licence;
  • Weapons and ammunition containing explosive projectiles may not travel as hold baggage;  
  • It is not permitted to carry quantities of ammunition exceeding 5 kgs/11 lbs per passenger; Only Division 1.4S (UN 0012 or UN 0014 only) ammunition may be carried in quantities not exceeding 5 kg gross weight (including the box) per person and for personal use, limited to one ammunition box per passenger.
  • Ammunition permitted is small calibre and must not contain explosive projectiles;
  • It is important that they are packed in a sufficiently strong outer package: wood, metal or fibre, protected against possible shocks and prevented from moving inside.
  • The baggage containing the firearms must be dispatched 2 hours before the regular time of check-in for the flight.
  • Specific transport rules may apply per country and TIMATIC should therefore be consulted.
  • TAP is not responsible for the acceptance of weapons in the destination country. Documentation/authorization to enter the country is the passenger's responsibility.

Transportation of firearms for commercial purposes (export/import) as checked baggage is not possible and must be done as cargo. For more information, please see the TAP Valuable page on the TAP Air Cargo website.


Additional Information

  • Military Firearms and ammunition can only be accepted as cargo. Ammunitions require a previous authorization from aviation authorities!
  • For official trips of National Security Officers, special regulation is to be applied and you must contact the Agency Help Desk.




SR WEAP-free text (ex: ...-SHOTGUN)

SI.P1/WEAP*free text (ex: ...*SHOTGUN)

3WEAP/free text-1.1  (ex: .../SHOTGUN)


Passengers wishing to travel with weapons and ammunition on the aircraft must check in 2 hours before the usual time.
TRANSPORTATION FEE - fares per one way

Domestic flights, Europe, Morocco, Tunisia, Israel

and flights between Accra and São Tomé

 Intercontinental Flights1

From/to Dominican Republic

75 EUR / 95 USD / 114 CAD

110 EUR / 138 USD / 165 CAD

130 EUR / 165 USD / 195 CAD

1Except flights from/to the Dominican Republic

The service includes 2 checked items  - one box with the gun and one box with ammunition.  Any extra piece is subject to the same flat fee.

A non-refundable EMD-A WEAP will be issued.


Lisbon - Stockholm - €75/ Stockholm - Lisbon - €75

Frankfurt - Lisbon – New York - €110

New York - Lisbon - Frankfurt - €110                     




  • For gun permit and legal verification, the passenger must contact PSP (police force), in the inspection area, located in the arrival zone.
  • Contact – Airport 218 413 700, extension 21492

  • For gun permit and legal verification, the passenger must contact PSP (police force), in the inspection area, located on the 3rd floor of the departure zone (next to the X-ray area entry)
  • Available 24h/7 and Contact – Airport 229 432 400, extension 43228/29

Remaining national airports
  • Contact the PSP (police force) of the airport.
United Kingdom

As of 7 November 2022, the suspension on transportation of firearms to LHR airport, either as baggage or cargo, is lifted.

As of 26 March 2024, it is possible to transport firearms to Gatwick Airport (LGW).

This permission is in force until 25 March 2027 for LHR and 19 February 2027 for LGW.

The transport of weapons to Manchester Airport (MAN) remains suspended since 1 August 2021.

The transport of firearms or ammunition considered "weapons of war" to/from/over Switzerland is not permitted.
United States of America
Please be advised that TAP has discontinued the WEAP service as baggage (weapons and ammunition) to/from the USA as of 14 September 2023. This also applies to multi-leg journeys that include the USA as part of the itinerary.
Passengers seeking information on the transport of weapons and ammunition to and from Brazil should visit the Federal Police website, by clicking here 
For official trips, involving national security forces, special regulations apply. In these cases, it is necessary to contact the TAP Help Desk.



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