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Carrycots on board
Updated on 17 Dec 2020

Passengers travelling with a baby may request a carrycot (baby baskets) on TAP operated flights, so that the baby may sleep comfortably during the flight. This service is free and is available on certain aircrafts only.

The following rules apply for the use of cots on TAP flights:

  • Available on long-haul flights (except Business Class of  A330neo aircraft)  and in the Business Class of some medium-haul aircraft;
  • The baby must not weigh more than 11kg/24lbs and the baby must be no more than 12 months old;
  • The cot dimensions are 75cm / 29 in long by 34 cm / 13 in wide and 22.4 cm / 8.8 in high;
  • The baby must always fit comfortably inside the cot;
  • The cot can never be used during take-off/landing and during periods of turbulence;
  • There are designated seats on the aircraft for cots and their number is limited. A booking is required on all flights on which the infant needs a cot;
  • The number of seats available for cots varies from one type of aircraft to another and availability is limited. This information is immediate and it will be confirmed when you book; book under SSR BSCT after checking the seat map for dedicated seats;
  • One adult may travel with only one baby.
  • Own carrycot not possible and must be delivered to be carried on the hold.
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