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COVID-19 Prophylactic isolation in Portugal for arrivals of certain countries
Updated on 01 Apr 2021

Effective 1 April 2021

 All passengers originating from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, France,  Hungary, Italy, Malta, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden, considered as countries with an incidence rate equal to or greater than 500 cases of COVID-19 per 100 000 inhabitants in the last 14 days, must comply, after entering mainland Portugal, with a prophylactic isolation of 14 days, at home or in a place indicated by the health authorities.

These passengers must also


Passengers travelling on essential trips and whose period of stay in the portuguese national territory, attested by a return ticket, does not exceed 48 hours are exempt from the prophylactic isolation.


 1 TP1323 T 16APR 5 DUBLIS HK1 0910 1 1040 1320 319 E 0
 2 TP1557 T 17APR 6 LISVXE HK1  0955 1  1055 1310   32N E 0

The passenger does not need to quarantine because he/she comes from an EU country and has a stay of less than 48 hours in Portugal; he/she has to leave the transit zone and can leave the airport, as the airport does not allow overnight stays, but the passenger has to limit his/her movements to what is essential for the purpose of the entry into the national territory.

Mind that all passengers of international flights bound for Mainland Portugal, whether as a final destination, in transit or transfer, will still have to complete a Passenger Location Card,  after check-in.

See more about travel restrictions to Portugal here.

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