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Authorized refunds and voluntary refunds for 047 documents
Updated on 10 May 2022

Refund of Electronic Tickets is authorized according to Fare Rules.

With the exception of EMD for UMNR service (if cancelled prior to check-in closure), cancellation or scheduled change of more than 5hours (UN or TK status), EMDs are non-refundable. However, all EMDs may be reused for the same service within one (1) year from the date of issue.



In accordance with the General Conditions of Carriage and European Regulation EC 261/2004, total or partial refunds in case of irregularity are only allowed in the following cases:

  • Ticket 047 - TAP operating carrier or other Airline - duly substantiated cancellations and / or schedule changes (e.g. delays).
    • Schedule change of 5 hours or more - full refund 
    • Cancellation (UN) in which the passenger does not accept the alternative given by the company - full refund
    • Delay that results in misconnection and/or an overnight stay  – Please contact our Help Desk


Refund requests for UN / TK cases that occur only due to flight renumbering - refund according to the fare rules 

Refund requests for schedule changes of less than 5 hours - refund according to the fare rules.

In case of a schedule change or cancellation of flight (flight number) of another airline, with TAP ticket, the agent must contact TAP.

You can perform an involuntary refund directly in your GDS (if this option is open for the market) without contacting TAP – however, for the below cases it is absolutely necessary to contact TAP for an authorization:

  • Cancellation of another airline flight or TP marketing flight
  • Schedule change which originates a misconnection

The lack of authorization in these cases will lead to an ADM.

On a commercial flexible basis, some refunds will be allowed as described below. Cases not covered by these exceptions will be dealt according to the rules, therefore they should always be checked and transmitted to customers!

Refunds authorized with a fee of EUR30 (CANX FEE)

  • Death of passenger or family member* (must present a death certificate / certificate of kinship).
  • Refusal to issue a visa (as long as this is listed in the fare rules).

It is mandatory to send TAP the copy of the Refund Notice, ticket and copy of certificates, during the month of the refund processing, by email to our Help Desk, with the keyword WAIVE in the subject of the email.

*Family members including:

  • Spouse/common law
  • Children - natural or adopted
  • Parents
  • Stepmothers/Stepfathers
  • Siblings
  • Grandparents
  • In-laws
  • Brothers/sisters in law
  • Sons/daughters in law

In all cases described above, it is mandatory to attach supporting documents to the refund request.



We prepared a quick reference to help you through the process of calculation of a voluntary refund. Download it here for your convenience.

Amadeus GDS users can process TAP's voluntary ticket refunds through Amadeus ATC Refund, a fully automated refund calculation tool. By eliminating the risk of errors and consequently the number of ADMs, in two steps the tool calculates the values of fare and taxes to be refunded, as well as verifies any penalties. 

According to IATA Manual - Passenger Air Tariff (PAT), Taxes US/ZP and XF are non-refundable on non-refundable tickets.

New refund requests can already be made through the GDS.
Valid for this type of refund are the tickets that have not yet been subject to any type of refund request, namely via BSP Link.

Refunds already requested via BSP Link will be honoured and processed as soon as possible, so they should be kept.
New refund requests via BSP Link, will be subject to the previous Eur30.00 fee.


24-hour refund (grace period)

TAP allows the refund of tickets and associated EMDs up to 24 hours after issuance, applying a single refund fee for both documents. This fee must be charged with the MF tax code (or as cancellation penalty), for both direct and indirect refunds. The fare rules are not applied only for this type of refund.

Untill 16APR21 From 16APR21



European Flights: EUR30.00 (USD30.00/CAD50.00)

Intercontinental Flights: EUR45.00 (USD45.00/CAD65.00)



  • Non-application of this MF fee (or cancellation fee) on direct ticket refunds within 24 hours of issue will result in an ADM. This fee is not applicable on refunds of tickets with fully refundable fares
  • This 24h rule only applies to tickets;  cancellations of EMD's alone follow the applicable rules (most are non-refundable). Only one fee is applied to a ticket and it's associated EMDs.
  • The 24-hour refund rule /grace period) only applies to tickets where the passenger has not been No-show!
  • Other rules may apply, due to the legal imposition of certain countries, namely: BRAZIL, ISRAEL. 

Due to legal restrictions enforced by DOT (USA) and CTA (Canada): - refund requests made within 24 hours and for tickets issued up to 7 days before the travel, this administrative fee is exempted; - refund requests made within 24 hours and for tickets issued within 7 days before the travel, the correspondent fee will be charged.

For more information consult the Responsible Booking Practices Handbook 

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