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Mobile check-in
Updated on 03 May 2019

With mobile check-in, passengers can select their seat and get their boarding cards directly on a smartphone or tablet.  All they have to do is download TAP's App, available for IOS or Android.

It is available 36 hours before departure, or 24 hours for flights to/from the USA.


  • Speed - Saves time avoiding the queues.
  • Choice - advantage to select seats earlier than at the airport.
  • Simplicity - available anywhere with an internet access.
  • Eco-friendly - No need to print on paper.  All it takes is the bar or QR code on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Straight to gate - having hand baggage only, the sole middle step is security screening and border control.  Passengers are required to be at the gates latest 30 minutes before departure.


Boarding cards with Google Now:

Passengers may also access their boarding cards automatically with the Google Now feature without having to open the e-mail or changing any settings. 

All they need to do is associate an app-compatible e-mail account on an Android device and boarding cards will automatically appear as a notification on the day of the flight.


Mobile Check-in limitations:

  • Passengers with special services such as UMNR, WCHR, PETC, AVIH, etc, must collect their boarding cards at the airport.

Important Information

  • Passengers departing from ABJ, ACC, CMN, DME,  FEZ,  LFW, RAI, RAK, TNG, VXE, OXB and TMS will receive the check-in confirmation but will have to pick up the boarding passes at the airport.
  • For connecting times between 6h and 24h, if the itinerary is in a single ticket, passengers will be through checked to their final destination. Those who wish to retrieve their baggage at the intermediate point have to indicate this upon drop-off of their hold baggage.
  • For clients stopping over 24h , check-in will be  done to the intermediate point and hold baggage must be retrieved.
  • We recommend passengers with electronic passports not travelling with minors to use the electronic identification control machines. The portuguese airports use RAPID system. 
  • For passengers dispatching hold baggage, check the latest drop off times here.


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