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Passengers with developmental disabilities - DPNA -
Updated on 25 Mar 2024

Passengers with learning difficulties, dementia, Alzheimer's and Down Syndrome, among other psychological or cognitive disabilities that travel alone and in need of ground assistance

If the passenger has one of the described conditions, the following will need to be checked:

  • How much autonomy will the passenger have on board? (can he/she eat alone; Can he communicate - understand; can he/she make himself understood; is he/she autonomous in his physiological needs?)
  • Does the passenger understand the safety instructions or others that may be given to him/her?
  • Does the passenger have other illnesses (heart, neurological or behavioural changes)?
  • Does the passenger need any special assistance during the flight?
  • Does the passenger have a medical statement with the degree of disability that you can provide?

The answer to these questions will start evaluating the conditions for acceptance.

  • An SSR DPNA (Disabled Passenger Needing Assistance) indicating the type of disability must be entered into the reservations.
  • To make this assessment it will be necessary to send the answers to the questions above by email to your usual Agencies Support who will then link to [email protected].

When booking SR DPNA the service will not be automatically confirmed. The confirmation (HK) of the service will only appear after the evaluation of the responsible department.

The DPNA Assistance will be provided upon request, in flights departing or in transit in all airports in the European Union, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland.

For further clarifications please contact your usual Agencies Support








In addition to the medical equipment the passengers need, they may carry up to 2 pieces of mobility equipment, including an electric wheelchair.  

Check more information about travelling with wheelchairs - HERE


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