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Baggage allowance and extra baggage
Last updated on: 16 Sep 2020

The free baggage allowance carried in the hold compartment can be based on weight (Weight Concept) or on number of pieces (Piece Concept). TAP  applies the Piece Concept on its routes.   

Following the international rules for Safety and Health at Work, only pieces up to 32Kgs shall be accepted. Baggage over 32 Kgs must be dispatched as cargo.


Baggage allowance in Economy Class

  • Maximum weight per piece on all routes = 23 kg/50lbs
  • Maximum dimensions : sum of height + length + width = 158 cm / 62 in
  • Discount branded fares do not include checked baggage to any TAP destination.
  • Basic,  Classic or Plus branded fares include1, 2, or 3 Pieces, depending on route.


Baggage allowance in Business Class

  • Maximum weight per piece on all routes = 32 kg/70lbs
  • Maximum dimensions : sum of  height + length + width = 158 cm / 62 in
  • Executive or Top Executive branded fares include 2 or 3 pieces, depending on route.


Babies are entitled to one piece of checked baggage up to 10Kgs, except on Brand Discount.  Exceptions are made to carry free of charge one checked or carry-on fully collapsible stroller or carrying basket or booster. 
Strollers/pushchairs for children up to 5 years can be used until boarding but must be handed over to our ground staff who will provide that they are delivered on arrival of the aircraft or at the oversize baggage carousels.


Baggage Allowance by Route and by Branded Fare

Branded Fare

Domestic flights Portugal (mainland)

Flights between mainland and Azores or Madeira islands

Europe and Morocco


Top Executive

2 pieces up to 32kg / 70 Ibs each

3 pieces up to 32kg / 70 Ibs each


2 pieces up to 32kg / 70 Ibs each


1 piece up to 23kg / 50 Ibs

2 pieces up to 23kg / 50 Ibs each

1 piece up to 23kg / 50 Ibs

3 pieces up to 23kg / 50 Ibs each


1 piece up to 23kg / 50 Ibs

2 pieces up to 23kg / 50 Ibs each


1 piece up to 23kg / 50 Ibs


No hold baggage included

TAP Miles&Go Gold members

1 extra piece free of charge according to class of travel. 
If travelling on tap|Discount  one piece up to 23kg will be granted free of charge.


Excess Baggage Fees

  • excess in weight and/or size 
  • excess in number of pieces - for extra pieces of baggage not included on the purchased fare but not exceeding weight and  size (158cm), the amount shall vary if pre-paid or during the check-in time frame.

Pre Purchase =   applicable before the opening of Online Check-in (36 hours before departure/24 hours for the USA flights).
At Check-in = This amount is available for bookings during the online check-in and check-in at airport time frame.


Please check the Baggage and Service Fees Manual (v. 20MAR20) for further information regarding Baggage.


Seasonal baggage embargo destination some African routings

TAP  is forced to implement a baggage embargo, in some periods of the year to/from some African destinations. It is not permitted to book and sell any extra baggage to the bellow routings and dates:

Having as a final destination Abidjan, Accra, Bissau*, Dakar, Praia, Sao Vicente and Sao Tome:

  • Summer – from 13 June to 30 August 2020*
  • Christmas - from 11 December 2020 to 10 January 2021
  • Easter  - from 19 March to 04 April 2021

*For Bissau the Summer embargo applies until 30 September 20

Having as a departure point Abidjan and Accra 

  • Summer – from 13 June to 13 September 2020
  • New Year’s –from  26 December 2020 to 10 January 2021
  • Easter - from 05 April to 12 April 2021

No excess baggage (weight and/or dimensions) or extra luggage will be accepted.  Only the baggage that is included on the purchased ticket and within the allowed sum of the three dimensions  (height, width and length), not exceeding 158 cm and with a maximum weight of 23 kg on economy class or 32 kg on business class.

This restriction applies to all tickets, regardless of the type of product purchased or Frequent Flyer status, with the exception of the tap|discount ticket, where only one piece of paid baggage can be added to the reservation (FBAG - first bag).

Any request of SBAG, XBAG, BULK, SPEQ, AVIH, MUSM, MUSL, Sports Equipments,  will not be accepted.

New reservations for travel on those periods and routes (according to the mentioned direction of travel) will receive “UC” or “NO”.

Please pay attention when having connecting flights once it is not possible to send “UC” or “NO” messages on connecting flights (i.e. from origin to final destination).


GDS Entries

SR XBAG- 1PC 23KGS 80X50X28CM 
SR BULK-BAG 1PIECE 32KG DIMS 85X60X70CM   (oversized/overweight xbag must be requested in advance as BULK)


SI.P1/XBAG*1PC 23KGS 80x50x28CM
SI.P1/BULK*BAG 32KG 85X60X70CM   (oversized/overweight xbag must be requested in advance as BULK)


3XBAG/1PC 23KGS 80X50X28CM-1.1
3BULK/BAG 23KGS 85X60X70CM-1.1 (oversized/overweight xbag must be requested in advance as BULK)


Most significant carrier (MSC)

Since 01APR2015, on journeys not covered by the US Reservations, the Most Significant Carrier (MSC) is the Marketing Carrier.

a) The first marketing carrier crossing the IATA tariff Area (for travel across one Tariff Area);
b) The first marketing carrier crossing the IATA Sub-area (for travel within a Tariff Area);
c) The first carrier flying an international sector (for travel within a Sub-Area);

According to IATA Reso 302, whenever there is a stopover at an intermediate point, the system breaks down the baggage calculation and a new assessment of baggage allowance and charges can be applied from that point, however if the itinerary only  containTAP flight and no Interline operating flights, TAP allows to keep same free baggage allowance from origin/destination even if  a stopover occurs. 
This exception is only valid for routings totally flown with TAP/NI/WI flights.


General Recommendations:

  • Baggage should always be properly labelled with name and address and locked with a key or padlock.
  • Some items may not be carried in the hold, but  can be carried as handbaggage:
  • Valuable and personal items;

Fragile or perishable items;
Essential medicines;
ID documents or passport;
Professional or academic documents;
Electronic devices (for example: laptops, tablets or portable DVD players).

  • Bottles of alcoholic beverage and/or olive oil is allowed as checked baggage up to 5 litres per passenger. Larger quantities will be considered transportation of merchandise and, as such, is subject to special conditions for storage and import/export that can only be carried out by registering these goods as cargo.  However, the quantity officially permitted by the import laws of the country of destination and that authorized by the airline, whichever is the lower, shall always be checked beforehand.  See the restrictions of TAP here.
  • TV screens must be dispatched as cargo.
  • When checking baggage, passengers must make sure the baggage claim tag shows the correct final destination. 
  • When collecting the baggage, passengers must make sure the number on the tag is the same as the number on the claim ticket.
  • Bags mut not be overfilled.
  • Complaints about baggage irregularities should be reported immediately to TAP staff when the bags are claimed or are discovered missing, before leaving the baggage claim area.
  • For  safety, TAP advises all pasengers not to transport baggage belonging to others unless they know what it contains.

    Check IATA's Customs, Currency & Airport Tax regulations  for import/export regulations per country.
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