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Musical Instruments in the hold
Updated on 11 Aug 2022

TAP accepts the transportation of musical instruments in the cabin and the hold, according to their specifications.

Important information

Musical instruments may be included in accepted free baggage, provided that they are within the permitted weight and size limits.

As of 19th August 2022, if a passenger changes the original booking to a higher branded fare (either Economy or Business cabin) that allows more pieces of baggage allowance and therefore no longer needs the purchased extra bag, the respective EMD can be refunded.

Please check the baggage allowance according to the fare issued, destination or TAP Miles&Go status.

 Check the conditions for transporting musical instruments as Special Cabin Baggage


To transport special baggage in the hold, such as musical instruments, please refer to the following recommendations:

  • The passenger must adequately prepare the musical instrument for the journey;
  • When transporting it as checked baggage, it must be packed in a rigid container specifically designed for the shipment of this type of baggage;
  • Musical instruments may be included in free baggage, provided that they are within the permitted weight and size limits;
  • The instrument, already packed, must not exceed 45 kg / 99 lbs;
  • If the journey has a destination, origin or stopover in the USA, Hungary, France, United Kingdom or the Netherlands the weight limit is 32 kg / 70 lbs;
  • The maximum dimensions are 190 cm x 75 cm x 65 cm (75 in x 30 in x 26 in);
  • If the musical instrument exceeds these dimensions and/or weight, it must be transported as cargo.
  • Weight and measurements must be informed at the time of booking or at least 24 hours before the flight.

Please check below the applicable service charges whenever the transport of these items exceeds the baggage allowance authorised for the travel destination. 


This transportation requires space booked at least 24 hours before the flight with the indication of the correct weight and measurements.

To book use the following SSRs:

SSR MUSS:  until 23Kg and 330cm (sum of 3 dimensions)                                                      S = small

SSR MUSM:> 23Kg and < 32Kg and 330cm (sum of 3 dimensions)                                 M = medium

SSR MUSL: > 32Kg and < 45Kg and 330cm (sum of 3 dimensions)                                   L = large


GDS entries

SR MUSS- 1CELLO 15KG 100X30X50cm

The request must be made on your shopping basket or with the entry DAS:
1 - >FQ/DASO;
2 - >DAS01L5*TX-type of instrument 15KG 100x30x50CM  - select the service  1 intrument on line 5*;  TX = Free Text for information regarding the type of instrument and measures
> ER

3MUSS/1CELLO  15KG  100x30x50CM-1.1



These SSRs MUSS/MUSM/MUSL are applicable on flights operated by TAP and TAP Express only.

They are not valid on:

  • codeshare flights operated by other partner airlines
  • interline flights 

In these cases, the rules of the operating carrier apply.

A non-refundable EMD-A must be issued:

  • EMD-A MUSS (up to 23Kg) 
  • EMD-A MUSM (>23Kg <32Kg) 
  • EMD-A MUSL (> 32Kg <45Kg)



From 21 April 2022, TAP implemented a new methodology for selling the transportation of musical instruments, with different prices depending on the purchase channel.

  • The GDS, FLYTAP and Online Check-In column includes purchases made through your GDS.
  • The column "Other Channels" includes purchases made through the other channels available, such as local counters (city or airport), Contact Center, etc. 


up to 23kg


over 23kg and up to 32kg


over 32kg and up to 45kg















Domestic flights


50 EUR

64 USD

 80 CAD

55 EUR

70 USD
84 CAD

100 EUR

124 USD

157 CAD

110 EUR

138 USD
165 CAD

200 EUR

240 USD

310 CAD

210 EUR

257 USD
329 CAD

European Flights

(incl. MA and TN), Israel 

and ACC-TMS/vv flights

60 EUR

77 USD

 92 CAD

65 EUR

83 USD
99 CAD

110 EUR

138 USD

165 CAD

120 EUR

149 USD
188 CAD

200 EUR

246 USD

312 CAD

210 EUR

257 USD
329 CAD


Flights (except the

Dominican Republic) 

150 EUR

185 USD

 235 CAD

160 EUR

199 USD
239 CAD

200 EUR

246 USD

312 CAD

210 EUR

257 USD
329 CAD

300 EUR

367 USD

466 CAD

310 EUR

382 USD

Flights to/from

Dominican Republic

180 EUR

225 USD 

281 CAD

190 EUR

236 USD
283 CAD

240 EUR

294 USD

374 CAD

250 EUR

307 USD
389 CAD

355 EUR

404 USD

520 CAD

370 EUR

457 USD
549 CAD

*rates apply on TP/NI/WI operated flights if the instruments exceed the dimensions, weight or number of pieces permitted in the free baggage allowance. On codeshare flights (operated by partner companies) the policy of the operating carrier applies. Before booking always check with the carrier.


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