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Travelling with hand luggage on TAP
Updated on 04 Jul 2022

The most important things go with the passenger in the cabin!

This summer, give your customer the best experience. Recommend checking hand luggage before the trip and, if necessary, buying excess luggage in advance.

Review what baggage a passenger can take with them in the cabin and what are the maximum dimensions and weights allowed for hand luggage.

Transport of alcohol-based hand sanitiser

Alcohol-based hand sanitiser may be transported as hand or hold baggage. If passengers carry the disinfectant in their hand luggage, the limit is 100ml or equivalent for each liquid or gel item, in accordance with aviation safety provisions.

Please note that they should not be used on any equipment or surface of the aircraft as they have not been approved by the aircraft manufacturer.


What can be taken in the cabin

The number of items that may be taken free of charge in the cabin varies according to the class in which the passenger is travelling and the destination of the flight:

In Economy Class

In Business Class, from/to
North America

In Business Class, from/to Europe, Africa,
South America or domestic flights

1 hand luggage
+ 1 personal item

1 hand luggage
+ 1 personal item

2 hand luggage
+ 1 personal item


Maximum dimensions and weights of hand baggage

55x40x20cm / 22x16x8in

Maximum height x length x width measurements that a piece of hand baggage may have, regardless of destination.


Maximum weight of one hand baggage in Economy and Business Class for all destinations except Economy Class to Venezuela and Brazil.


Maximum weight of one hand baggage in Economy Class for destinations: Venezuela and Brazil.


Charges for excess hand baggage

Please note that if the passenger arrives at the boarding gate with hand luggage exceeding the permitted limits of weight, size or number, such baggage will be sent to the hold and the following fees will apply:

  • From 70 EUR / 88 USD / 111 CAD* - On domestic, European and flights to Morocco.
  • From 85 EUR* / 106 USD / 134 CAD* - On intercontinental flights.

* Please check the full table of applicable fees.

At the boarding gate, only credit or debit card payment is available.

Travel Tip

If the passenger has excess hand luggage, save on time and cost, book an extra bag in the hold before check-in opens, from 30 EUR/ 39 USD / 49 CAD.

Check HERE the Excess Baggage pre-purchase fees.


What can be considered a personal item?

In addition to hand luggage, the passenger may take one personal item with them in the cabin, with a maximum weight of 2kg / 4.4lbs:

  • Bags / Suitcases: One handbag, computer case or shoulder bag measuring maximum: 40x30x15cm / 16x12x5in.
  • Duty-free shopping bag: One bag with up to 2 bottles of alcoholic drinks, or other items (as long as they do not exceed the maximum weight indicated).
  • Walking aids: Mobility aids such as wheelchairs, walking sticks, etc.
  • Medical devices: Under prescription / prior approval.


Where to stow hand luggage

Under the front seat

Whenever possible, carry-on luggage should be placed under the front seat.

In the overhead luggage compartment

If the size does not allow it, or if travelling in the emergency row or in the front row of the cabin, your baggage must be placed in the overhead compartment.


On flights with a very high occupancy rate, or on aircraft serving TAP Express (Embraer 190 and ATR 72-600), it may be necessary to place hand luggage in the hold due to lack of space on board. In these situations, the baggage will be requested from the passenger at the boarding gate and delivered at the destination, on the Arrivals baggage belt.


Security Control precautions

  • Liquids1: Bring liquids in individual containers of up to 100ml, in a single transparent bag with a maximum capacity of 1L.
  • Electronics: Remove computers, cameras, tablets and mobile phones, among others, from their respective bags/carry cases.
  • Metal Objects: Remove all metal objects from the body and pockets, such as earrings, hooks, keys, watches, coins, etc.
  • Clothes and Shoes: Take off the jacket and remove the belt and shoes to avoid being X-rayed more than once.

Please note that alcohol-based hand sanitizing articles should not be used on any equipment or surface of the aircraft as they have not been approved by the aircraft manufacturer.


Your customer needs to carry special baggage in the cabin

Special Cabin Baggage

Fragile, bulky or high-value items

Musical Instruments

Booking an extra seat next to the
passenger for your musical instrument
(up to 75Kg/165bs)

Dangerous goods

Items considered dangerous and/or
subject to restrictions


Any other queries related to luggage?

See the page dedicated to Authorised Hand Baggage and other issues Here




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