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Best Practices for Reservations and Ticketing
Updated on 10 May 2022

The purpose of this information is to remind our travel agency partners about TAP's existing rules and recommended behaviour regarding booking procedures and air segment management.

The booking policies enable TAP to manage the flight inventories in an optimal manner, allowing TAP to offer better prices, improving at the same time the passenger service while avoiding booking mistakes.

TAP will enforce a set of rules, which comply with IATA regulations.  

TAP audits and identifies all such transactions and, once confirmed, reserves the right to issue an Agency Debit Memo (ADM) or invoice if it identifies any violation of the rules.

TAP has the highest consideration for its commercial partners and values their continuous help and contribute, and believes that this set of policies will benefit both agencies and passengers.

All suggestions in order to improve procedures, aiming for a better service, will be taken into consideration.

Some basic rules of good practices to avoid ADM:

  • Do not create a PNR only to get a quotation or to print an itinerary.  You can quote an itinerary without PNR creation.
  • Remove all inactive segments from PNR - status HX/NO/UC/UN/US.
  • Always cancel bookings or flights which are not to be used anymore.  Avoid NO-SHOW.  That seat can be sold to another of your customers.

ADM amounts for incorrect / wrong practices

ADM Amount

Incorrect Practice

Fare difference to the correct amount

Reservation, reissue, or refund error


Failure to remove inactive segments HX/NO/UC/UN/US


Churning: book/cancel/rebook/cancel... which exceeds 8 transactions (i.e 4th cancellation)


Non-Ticketed segments resulting in No-show

Domestic & European Flights

150€ - Y
250€ - C

Breaking of married segments

Long Haul Flights

250€ - Y
400€ - C

Check our manual Responsible Booking Policies (updated on 10MAY2022)


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