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** REMINDER ** INF Bookings
Updated on 18 Aug 2023

Given the several recent reports of Babies booked and issued as a Child, we remind you that this is not regulatory and is not accepted for security reasons.



  • INF - Infant (0-23 months old) - Babies up to 2 years old do not occupy a seat, travel on the adult's lap and have their INF fares properly identified;
  • CHD - Child (2-11 years old) - Children travelling in their seats and having their CHD fares properly identified.


An INF can only have a CHD fare if they need to occupy a seat.
In this case, the reservation follows a different procedure and following the respective conditions:

  • the use of a car seat is mandatory and the transport of the car seat must be communicated to TAP;
  • the Help Desk will insert an informative SSR for check-in to identify that the seat reserved is for the use of a car seat.
  • The car seat is not considered extra baggage and is transported free of charge.
  • Each adult can only accompany 1 INF, regardless of whether the INF needs to occupy a seat or not.

If the INF turns 2 years old after the start of the trip:

Due to the impossibility of combining ½ INF fare with ½ CHD fare for the automatic issuance, INFs turning 2 years old after the trip starts will be subject to the application of CHD fare for the entire journey.  In this case, at the time of the journey when the child is still an INF, they must use a child car seat. 

Alternatively, as TAP's public fare is constructed by OWs, 2 tickets can always be issued:

  • 1 ticket with INF fare for the outward journey.
  • 1 ticket with CHD fare for the return.


Remember this and other related issues on the page dedicated to Babies and Children on Board.

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