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Fast Track / Greenway
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This service is available on TAP and TAP Express flights and guarantees priority at airport security checks and X-ray equipment, avoiding time spent queuing up at the boarding gate.

Depending on Miles&Go status, fare, and departure airport, passengers can take advantage of Fast Track, making the TAP experience quicker and more comfortable. In Portuguese airports, it is called the Green Way.

Free Access and Airports with Available Service

Who can benefit from Fast Track free of charge? 

  • Customers travelling on TOP EXECUTIVE and EXECUTIVE tickets
  • Customers with Miles&Go Silver or Gold status1
  • Customers travelling with cards2:
    • TAP Visa Gold, Platinum or Business,
    • TAP Miles&Go Credit Cards and
    • Millennium BCP TAP Visa Gold
  • Customers flying with brands BASIC(3), CLASSIC, and PLUS tickets on point-to-point Air shuttle flights Lisbon-Oporto-Lisbon, Lisbon-Funchal-Lisbon, Lisbon-Madrid and Lisbon-Paris-Lisbon can also enjoy the Fast Track service free of charge.

1 According to the rules of each airport. For these Customers to enjoy the service, they must include the Customer number that appears on their frequent flyer card (TAP Miles&Go or that of another airline) during booking or check-in.

2 For TAP Visa Gold, Platinum, or Business customers and TAP Miles&Go credit cards, this service is available at Lisbon and Porto airports, except if travelling with a brand DISCOUNT fare.  For Millennium BCP TAP Visa Gold Customers, the service is available at any fare, but only at airports in Portugal.

3 From the 11th of October 2022, for travel from the 11th of November 2022, the brand BASIC will be available on intercontinental flights only.


Airports with available service

Top Executive




Star Alliance Gold
Amsterdam x
Barcelona x x
Berlin x x
Bologna x x
Boston x x
Brussels x
Chicago x x
Copenhagen x
Dakar x x x x x
Dublin x x
Dusseldorf x
Stockholm x x
Faro x x
Florence x x
Funchal1 x
Frankfurt x
Geneva x
Hamburg x
(Las Palmas) Gran Canaria x x
London - Heathrow x x
London -Gatwick x x x x x
Luxembourg x x
Lyon x x
Madrid3 x
Málaga x x
Manchester x x
Miami x x
Milan - Malpensa x
Montreal x x
Munich x x
Naples x x
Nice x x
New York - JFK x x
New York - Newark x x
Oslo x
Ponta Delgada x x
Prague x x
Rome x
San Francisco x x
Toronto x x
Toulouse x x
Warsaw x x
Venice x x
Washington DC x x
Valencia x x
Vienna x x
Zurich x

1Except award and group (G) tickets for Funchal-Lisbon flights (Ponte Aérea).
2Except award and group (G) tickets for Lisbon-Porto, Lisbon-Madrid, Lisbon-Funchal and Lisbon-Paris flights (Ponte Aérea).
3Except award and group (G) tickets for Madrid-Lisbon flights (Ponte Aérea).
4Except award and group (G) tickets for Paris-Lisbon flights (Ponte Aérea).
5Except award and group (G) tickets for Porto-Lisbon flights (Ponte Aérea).

Click here to learn all about "Ponte Aérea" 

How to benefit from the Fast Track service? 

To benefit from this service and have the word FAST printed on the boarding pass, the following steps must be observed:

1. Associate passenger data

2. Print the boarding pass

3. Enjoy the service

When booking or checking in, you must associate the TAP Miles&Go customer number.

If your customer is a frequent flyer of another airline programme, you can check their eligibility by associating your customer number with that airline's programme.

Once the Client's Frequent Flyer number is associated with the reservation, the word FAST will appear on the boarding pass, proving access to this service.

The passenger can now head to the security control and X-ray and save time, enjoying the advantages of priority access to the boarding gate.


Buy Access

Passengers travelling on DISCOUNT, BASIC(1), CLASSIC and PLUS brands may book Fast Track service depending on the airport and channel of purchase. Passengers travelling on the other fares may enjoy the service free of charge depending on the airport. 

1From the 11th of October 2022, for travel from the 11th of November 2022, the brand BASIC will be available on intercontinental flights only.

If your customer is travelling on a fare that does not include this service or does not have Miles&Go status or Credit Card access, but still wishes to bypass security lines at the airport, the Fast Track/Greenway service can be booked at some airports. 

The service can be booked through the TAP Contact Centre, on the website under "Manage booking" or on your GDS.

GDS entry:



Airports available for Fast Track Service booking:

Since 30 November 2021, TAP has implemented a new Fast Track sales methodology with different prices depending on the purchase channel:

  • The "GDS, FLYTAP, and Online Check-In" column includes purchases made through your GDS.
  • The "Other Channels" column includes purchases made through the other available channels, such as local counters (city or airport), Contact Centre, Kiosk, etc.
SSR FAST CPH €12 €15


€10 €13
TLS €22 €25



Operation and conditions:

  • upon availability (check airports with available service)
  • non-refundable;
  • does not apply to passengers who are making a connection between flights and do not wish to leave the restricted area.
  • changeable to another flight (only the date and time of the flight, keeping the same service).

From 19th August 2022, if after purchasing the Fast-Track service the passenger upgrades the original ticket to Business Class which already includes this service, then the respective EMD can be refunded. 

If the service is booked after the passenger is checked in and the boarding pass is already issued, the check-in must be cancelled and a new boarding pass must be issued so it contains the word FAST, proving the access to this service. 

On Air Shuttle flights, it is also possible to benefit from this service free of charge, except for DISCOUNT fare tickets.  Learn more HERE



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