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Beneficiary List
Updated on 10 Jul 2024

Miles are worth trips for Miles&Go clients and their family members

The list of beneficiaries of the TAP Miles&Go Programme allows a selection of up to 10 beneficiaries who, during a calendar year (from January to December), can use Miles&Go Award Tickets with miles (TAP flights, Star Alliance and TAP Miles&Go Partners). Award Tickets issued to the Miles&Go holder are not included in the list. 

As Award Tickets are issued in a name other than the account holder's own, they are automatically added to the list. This way unlimited tickets can be issued for an account holder and all their beneficiaries.

Simply choose the next destination and start planning the trip!

Login to the TAP Miles&Go programme

The Miles&Go holder must log on to issue Award Tickets for the beneficiaries they wish, up to a maximum of 10 per calendar year (including adults and children over 2 years old).    



The list will be created automatically

Whenever a Award Ticket is issued, a new beneficiary1 can be inserted or an existing beneficiary can be added to the list. The list will be updated throughout the year according to the tickets issued and can be consulted in the FlyTAP Customer Area.    

Issue tickets to friends and family of a Miles&Go passenger

From now on you may issue unlimited Free Tickets2 on behalf of friends and relatives of the Miles&Go holder. The list of beneficiaries will be valid during the calendar year, from 01 January to 31 December.



If the account holder makes a booking with a name that is different from the name on the TAP Miles&Go account, the system will consider that it is a new beneficiary and not the person travelling.

1 Variations in names or titles when issuing tickets for the same beneficiary may result in two different beneficiaries on the list. For example, the same customer (Rute Pereira) with the names Mrs Rute Pereira and Miss Rute Pereira will be registered as two different beneficiaries.

2 Valid for TAP, Star Alliance and TAP Miles&Go Partners flights. Fare tickets, tickets issued with miles discount and Upgrades on TAP and/or Star Alliance flights are excluded.


Terms and conditions:
  • Clients of the TAP Miles&Go Programme may issue on their account Award Tickets for up to 10 different beneficiaries, in the calendar year period (January to December).
  • Valid for adults and children Free Tickets, on TAP, Star Alliance and other partner flights, excluding Upgrades on TAP or Star Alliance flights and tickets with mileage discounts. Each calendar year (January to December) a new count begins.
  • The Customer may not add or change names on their list in advance: the list is created automatically based on award ticket issues made on the site or via the Contact Centre.
  • In refund situations, if you have a ticket issued in the name of the beneficiary, it is removed from the list when the miles refund process is completed. If you have two or more tickets issued to the same Customer, the beneficiary will be kept on the list.
  • For refunds and/or cancellations, the current rules set out in the Programme's Terms and Conditions apply.
  • The account holder is fully responsible for issuing Award Tickets to the beneficiaries registered on the list, as well as for preserving the account access data, namely the password, with no third-party access being allowed.
  • Infringements:
    • Trading with third parties in any form of purchase and sale of Award Tickets.
    • Irregular and/or suspicious conduct and/or use that contributes to the occurrence of possible fraud and/or misuse.
    • False indications and/or information.
    • If any infraction occurs, the TAP Miles&Go programme reserves the right to suspend the customer's account for a period of six months or, depending on the seriousness of the infraction, exclude the customer from the programme.
    • If, after account suspension, there is a new infraction, the account will be excluded, which will be definitive with implied loss of all rights and/or benefits associated with the status.



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