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Onboard Connectivity
Updated on 05 Dec 2023

Even in the clouds, passengers can access the internet and travel to other worlds.

While travelling on our A330neo and A321LR neo, passengers can exchange messages with family and friends, send work emails or simply show on social media that they are travelling with TAP. 

We believe that every flight is more than just a journey from A to B. It's an experience, an opportunity to explore, learn and, of course, stay connected! To make the in-flight experience more than just a journey, our passengers can now enjoy free messaging on apps such as iMessage, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp during their flight.  

Find out how to connect, what Wi-Fi plans we have available and how to surf the web at best.

How To Connect
To connect to the in-flight Wi-Fi network, passengers need to follow these steps:

1. Enable Wi-Fi 1

2. Connect to the TAP network

3. Select the rate

Access tablet, computer or smartphone, and turn on the Wi-Fi option.

 If the browser does not start automatically when connecting to the TAP network, passengers need to launch it and enter the following address:

 Select the rate and payment method from the available options.

1Available above 10,000 feet altitude only.
To maximize data usage, we recommend that the passengers disable the download and automatic update settings on their devices.
And that's it! Wi-Fi will be ready to use as if the passengers were on land. It's easy to keep track of used traffic, and passengers will only pay for the package they've chosen to use on their trip.
Available Wi-fi data plans 

Free Messaging 

As a courtesy for choosing to travel with us, passengers will have free access to apps such as iMessage, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp on their devices. They will be able to send text and emojis in their conversations, but sending photos, videos and messages is not included. Free hourly renewal


Passengers can surf the web and access all their social networks. This package is valid for 1 hour after purchase.


Passengers can surf the internet and access all their social networks. This package is valid for 3 hours after purchase.

 Full Flight

 Passengers can stay connected to their family and friends throughout the flight, both on the ground and in the air. Please note: video streaming is not supported. This package is valid for the entire flight.

Another way to connect GSM 3G/4G
15 minutes after take-off passengers can disable flight mode on their devices and communicate as if they were on land. This way they can make calls, access voicemail, and send messages. In-flight roaming fares are determined by the passengers´ mobile service operator — to learn more about these fares, ask your customer to contact the operator.

To access the mobile network, passengers simply need to follow these steps:

1. Disable flight mode and Wi-Fi

2. Enable data roaming. It should turn on automatically. Otherwise, select the AeroMobile network manually.

Once connected, passengers will receive a welcome message. Please advise that international roaming fees apply.

Passengers should make sure roaming is enabled. 
No credit card, registration, or login is required. 
Passengers´ operators will include the cost of the communications on their bill.


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