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Upgrade with Miles
Updated on 10 Jul 2024

Starting from January 13, 2020, TAP Miles&Go will offer three categories of miles upgrades, with different associated values. These categories are available through the existing channels: Contact Center, Online and Boarding Gate.

  • Early Upgrade: Available through the Contact Center, it is intended for customers who wish to secure an upgrade to Executive Class in advance from the time of booking.
  • Upgrade: An existing modality that allows you to Upgrade in the days before the flight, subject to availability and done through the Online and Contact Center channels.
  • Last Minute Upgrade: Available at the Boarding Gate for all passengers who prefer to wait for the last-minute opportunities with the lowest fares.

CLICK HERE - to check the required miles according to the origin/destination of your client's flight.

Members of the TAP Miles&Go Frequent Flyer Program can use their miles to upgrade their Economy Class tickets to Business Class when traveling on TAP-operated flights or other Star Alliance members.

Confirmation is subject to availability and can be requested via TAP Miles&GO Customer Center, online on or at TAP Airport Ticket Offices.

Miles&Go Customer Center contacts:

Toll-Free Number USA:  +1 8009311821

Email: [email protected]



Group bookings are not eligible for Upgrade with miles.

If the customer wishes to travel in Business class, please contact the Groups area to assess the possibility of changing his or her Cabin of travel, upon payment of the corresponding Business class fare. 

The inability to upgrade with miles in advance does not affect the customer's option to request an upgrade at the airport, at check-in or at the boarding gate, upon payment.

The eligible customers for this benefit may also request a Last Minute Upgrade with miles at the boarding gate, subject to availability.


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