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Transfer bus between Oporto and Galicia (Spain)
Updated on 29 Oct 2020

TAP offers its passengers a coach service between Oporto airport and some towns in Galicia, Spain: Porriño, Vigo, Pontevedra, Caldas de Reyes and Santiago de Compostela thereby bringing Galicia closer to Oporto.

This service is included in TAP fares for journeys ending or beginning in one of these cities. Fares are published between TAP's US destinations and VGO or SCQ (1).  To make sure this service is included you must check fare routing in which Oporto must appear as transit point and the flight connection published with code TP.

Check the availability  using the city codes:


  • VGO – for Vigo, Porriño or Pontevedra.
  • SCQ – for Santiago or Caldas de Reyes.



  • Valid for passengers with TAP 047 plated tickets and booked on TP/NIWI operated flights with immediate connections between flight and BUS.
  • The fictitious flight representing the bus (eg TP9661) must be in the same booking class of the flight operated by TAP.
    • In the availability from / to SCQ the fictitious flight appears with the code JBU.
    • In the availability from / to VGO the fictitious flight appears with the code VBT.
  • An OSI TP must be inserted with an indication of the meeting point of departure /arrival, e.g. OSI TP BUS SCQ BUS STATION 13.30H (mandatory). Amadeus users must also include RIZ BUS SCQ TRANSPORT TO PORTO 13H30
    • without this information the bus company does not receive the information that there are passengers at that point.
  • BUS bookings are accepted up to 16:00h (local time in Spain) of the day prior to departure.
  • Passenger’s ticket must include a coupon for segment OPO VGO, or SCQ OPO  (or vice versa) and should be shown when boarding the bus.
  • The meeting point* must be included in the ITR (itinerary receipt) sent to the passenger.
  • No special assistance is possible for Business Class passengers.
  • SSRs available: XBAG / BULK (to be used also for passenger's own wheelchair) / SPEQ / BLND / DEAF / SVAN.
  • SSRs not available: MEDA / UMNR / PETC / AVIH / WCHC / WCHR / WCGS / WCBD / WCBW / WCLB / WCMP.
  • Car seats for children and babies (accepted on their own seat) are available.


Gds entries










Porriño: Eroski Center - Sanguineda - Porriño

Vigo: Bus Station, Pier 12/13 (Outside the station's opening hours: in front of the main entrance on Avenida de Madrid)

Pontevedra: Bus Station in front of the Coffee Shop

Caldas Reyes: Hotel Sena - Calle Juan Fuentes 99

St James of Compostela: Bus Station (main entrance)


Entering the province of Galicia

A new requirement to travel to the Spanish province of Galicia has been implemented due to the pandemic, so all passengers, regardless of the means of entry, are required to complete an online form via the page (available in Galician, Spanish and English).

Who has to fill out this health form?

People, whether they are residents of Galicia or not, who come from or have been in the last fourteen days in territories with a high epidemiological incidence of COVID-19.

This reference must be understood as the country of origin of travel or in which the traveler has been in the last fourteen days prior to arrival in Galicia, not to the possession of the nationality of those countries.

Check the territories that are considered to have a high epidemiological incidence due to COVID-19 here.

The USA are included on this list.

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