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TAP Clean and Safe - our commitment and recommendations
Last updated on: 30 Jun 2020

Transporting our Clients and our crew safely has always been our priority.

Since the emergence of the COVID-19 outbreak, it has become clear to the entire team that nothing is more critical than the health and safety of our workers and all of our Clients. That is why it is important to update and share all the work done and the measures that we have been implementing, in line with the guidelines of EASA, IATA, DGS and UCS, to ensure the health and safety of our Clients when they travel with us.

Today our focus is on uniting everyone's efforts to combat COVID 19 and, at the same time, ensure that air travel remains safe. Together we managed to regain confidence in traveling. This is our commitment.

Finally, we would like to thank you for your continued support in these exceptional moments. The messages we receive from our partners, make us even more determined to return stronger than ever and to remain your trusted partners for future trips.

Download the PDF "Flying you safe as always", where you can learn about our Clean&Safe commitment.


Recommendations for a safe journey

Traveling safely in times of COVID-19 is a team effort and a commitment for everyone at TAP. We ask all our passengers to follow these recommendations before and during the flight. We are doing our part, it is important that Customers do theirs too. Watch the videos we created for them.

"Onboard safety and health procedures due to COVID-19"


"Safety from the airport to destination"



Download the flyers we created for our passengers:

Guidelines Clean and Safe



All passengers must wear a face mask when boarding, during flight and disembarkation!

The use of the mask is mandatory from 6 years of age, in accordance with EASA rules, which TAP complies with.

The use of a face shield does not replace the use of a face mask!

MEDIF required in case a passenger claims not to be able to travel with the mask on at all times!

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