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Electronic registration and Airport Security Fee in Cape Verde
Last updated on: 10 Jan 2019

According to information provided by Cape Verdean authorities, as of January 1, 2019, following the entry into force of the revised legal framework changes have been made to the entry procedures of incoming travelers in Cape Verde, as a result of the implementation of the travelers’ online electronic registration, the adoption of a new collection mechanism of the airport security fee (Taxa de Segurança Aeroportuária a.k.a.TSA) and, also, the approval of the updated list of third countries whose citizens are exempted from visa requirements.

The TSA is charged on both domestic and international flights. The TSA amount for domestic flights remains at 150 CVE (€1,36) and it will continue to be charged at the time of ticketing. Regarding international flights, the TSA was set at 3.400 CVE (€30,83) and it will be charged at the time of registration when using the online electronic platform ( or, exceptionally, on arrival at the Border. On arrival, TSA payments can be made in cash or credit card, although subject to an additional fee.

The pre-registration stage essentially consists of the availability of passport data by the traveler and information about the date for entry into the national territory, the flight number, the date of departure and the place of accommodation, for a process of security checks of travelers by the national authorities. It shall be done preferably up to 5 days before travel.

At the time of pre-registration, passengers must also pay the Airport Security Tax (TSA).

With the exception of nationals and natives of Cape Verde, children under 2 years old, as well as, foreign nationals residing in the country, all other travelers must pre-register and pay their TSA.

With regards to the exemption of entry visas in Cape Verde, and in accordance with Resolution No. 134/2018 of 28 December, nationals of the 28 countries of the European Union, Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, San Marino and the Vatican will benefit from the exemption of entry visas in Cape Verde, with maximum stay of 30 days.

This text was based on the official website of the National Police of Cape Verde (in Portuguese only) and the flyer of EASE - Efficient, Automatic and Safe Entry of Travelers.
For more information, download the flyer:
EASE - English version
EASE - Portuguese verion


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