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Longhaul flights - seat allocation in EconomyXtra free for Classic fares from December 3rd
Last updated on: 03 Dec 2019

TAP informs that from today, December 3rd (sales and travel), EconomyXtra seats (Preferred seats) will be included in the benefits of brand CLASSIC fares also on Long Haul flights, i.e. seating in this zone will become free of charge.

Located in the Economy Class front rows (red chairs), the Economy Xtra area on Long-haul flights offers more legroom, reclining seats with adjustable headrest, entertainment monitor, USB and electrical outlets, headset and reserved luggage space.



Please note that the allocation of seats for these fares on medium-haul flights is also free of charge with the new EconomyXtra concept which came into force on 27 October and which, in addition to this benefit, includes a differentiation of the meal served in this area of economy cabin on flights operated by Airbus.

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