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Change in the operation LIS-PDL-BOS and BOS-PDL-LIS
Updated on 02 Oct 2020

We alert you to an important change in the operation LIS-PDL-BOS and BOS-PDL-LIS

Instead of the same flight number for both LISPDL and PDLBOS legs and v.v. as one international flight, from now on the operation will have two different flights, that is, they will be operated with a different flight number for each leg LIS- PDL and v.v. (domestic flight) and leg PDL-BOS and v.v. (international flight).

According to the rules established by the American Authorities, a flight to the USA will have to foresee security measures at the last departure point. For this reason, all passengers embarked from Lisbon will be subjected to exit control at Ponta Delgada airport.

Passengers from other origins outside Portugal and traveling in connection to these two flights will have their travel documents checked at the departing station, having to do border control in Lisbon to enter Portugal, since they are no longer in transit, but transferring to a domestic flight. In Ponta Delgada, will be subjected to exit control.

In the US-Portugal sense, with Ponta Delgada being the first entry point, the entry control in Portugal will be carried out at this airport. At Boston airport, documentation will be checked for all passengers boarding the BOS-PDL flight.
No passenger boarding in Lisbon or Boston may remain on board during the stop in Ponta Delgada.

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