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Babies and children on board
Updated on 17 Dec 2020

How to prepare a flight booking for younger passengers!



CHILD (CHD) - A person over the age of two and under the age of 12 years

  • Until they are 5 years old they can be seated on a car-type seat (1)
  • Minors between 5 and 11 years of age may travel without an adult. See the “Unaccompanied Minors - UMNR” section for all the procedures.

Children who turn 12 years old after the start of travel:

  • Due to the impossibility to quote and combine ½ CHD fare with ½ ADT fare when pricing a round trip, an adult fare must be issued. Alternatively, asTAP fares are published on OW basis,  2 OW way tickets can be issued, one as CHD for the outbound journey, and one as ADT for the inbound journey, when the passenger has turned 12.

INFANT (INF) – A minor under 2 years of age

  • Does not occupy a seat, traveling seated in the lap of an adult.
    • There is a quota of INFT per flight due to limited life vest availability onboard. The SSR INFT must show status HK before any ticket is issued.  Always check the status of the SSR INFT! Take action on UC status and rebook passengers onto another flight!
    • An infant may occupy a seat, for which a CHD fare will be charged (or an adult’s if no discount applies):
      • in this case, an infant car-type seat (1) must be used; 
      • enter INS on the Passenger Type Code on the name Field 
      • enter an SSR INFT with the date of birth as well as the text "occupying a seat".
      • a window seat has to be allocated, next to the adult,  but never an on an emergency row, or the row immediately in front or behind;
      • Help Desk will insert an informative SSR for Check-in in order to identify that the allocated seat is for car-type infant seat purposes.
      • the car-type seat will not be considered as extra baggage and transportation is free of charge.
    • For infants weighing less than 11Kgs/24lbs TAP provides Baby Baskets (cot)  onboard under the following conditions:
      • on long-haul flights (except Business Class of A330neo aircraft) and Business Class of some medium-haul aircraft;
      • dimensions are 75cm / 29 in long by 34 cm / 13 in wide and 22.4 cm / 8.8 in high;
      • the baby must always fit comfortably inside the cot;
      • the cot cannot be used during take-off/landing and during periods of turbulence;
      • there are designated seats on the aircraft for cots;
      • their number is limited and varies according to aircraft type; 
      • if available, the service is confirmed immediately; enter the code BSCT followed by seat map entry to allocate a valid a seat.

Infants who reach their second birthday after beginning the journey:

  • Due to the impossibility to quote and combine ½ INF fare with ½ CHD fare when pricing  a round trip, a  child fare must be issued for the whole itinerary. Alternatively, asTAP fares are published on OW basis,   2 OW way tickets can be issued, one as INF for the outbound journey, and one as CHD for the inbound journey, when the passenger has turned 2 years old.
    • TAP's system alerts via an SSR whenever, in a PNR with INF, this age change occurs:

WARNING: CHECK OSI/SSR STATUS CODE                                             



(1)    The car-type seats must be approved by the authorities in any country for use on aircraft and in motor vehicles according to:
 - UN standard ECE R44/03 or R44/04 or later series amendments
 -  FAA (US)  FMVSS 213
 - Canadian  CMVSS 213/213.1
 - Germany TÜV: TÜV/958-01/2001. 
The base of the car seat must not exceed 40x40 cm (15.7x15.7 in).
A separate base and seat is not permitted and the seat must have shoulder restraining belts.


Acceptance conditions

Each adult passenger may accompany:

  • 1 INFANT (not occupying a seat), or
  • 1 INFANT + 1 CHILD (1 infant not occupying a seat and 1 child occupying a seat)

 Important notes:

a) For safety reasons, on TAP flights one single passenger is not allowed to travel with 2 babies.

b) On TAP flights if a passenger travels with 1 infant and 2 children, one child must be booked as UMNR (provided that UMNR requirements are met).

c) If the journey involves other airlines (2), different rules may apply. In that case check with each airline in the itinerary.  UMNR service can only be guaranteed after due confirmation by all airlines involved and before ticket issuance. Some airlines may refuse interlining.

d) It is mandatory to include the PTC of minors on the PNR's Name Field. The correct insertion shall generate an SSR CHLD or INFT of utmost importance for operational reasons.  Failure to follow this rule may result in an ADM of 25Eur. Please check the Responsible Booking Policies  manual for further details.

e) For safety reasons children cannot be seated in emergency exit rows. If an SSR CHLD or SSR INFT is inserted on the PNR, this will prevent a seat in such a row to be wrongly assigned.

(2) Check conditions of acceptance before booking a codes-share. In most cases, the rules of the operating carrier apply and bookings must be done under the operating code.


GDS entries

Manual SSR with date of birth:

SR INFT-01JAN19 OCCUPYING A SEAT/P1                   
SR CHLD-01NOV10/P1                 

Manual SSR with date of birth:


Manual SSR with date of birth:

3CHLD1/01NOV09 -1.1                     


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