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Travel to India
Updated on 01 Oct 2018

It is mandatory to insert on each booking with destination India, at least 72 Hours before departure, the following passenger details:

  • Full Name (mind the maximum characters allowed on name element) 
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Number and Validity of Document of Identification (ex: passport)

These details must be inserted as an SSR DOCS .

All bookings without the mandatory information will receive notifications 15 Days before the flight, 07 Days, 04 Days or 03 Days until the minimum required information is inserted. The lack of this information may result in delays at the check-in or boarding.

GDS entries








Do not use passenger titles such as MR, MRS, MSTR and MISS on SSR DOCS (though they are mandatory on a PNR name element).

Use space between surnames: SILVA SOUSA instead of SILVASOUSA

VISAS to India can be obtained online through the website Indian Visa Online. This is the only official public website.  Indian Authorities have alerted about several fake e-visas obtained online via other websites!

Passengers traveling for the first time should have at least 2 empty pages in their passport and one printed copy of the electronic permit.  At the first entry, on arrival, the immigration officer will stamp on the passport the validity date of the electronic visa and the number of entries allowed.  When the visa expires or the number of entries has been reached, a new visa must be requested.

TAP started on March 15, 2018 a Code-share agreement with AIR INDIA between Lisbon and Porto to DEL and BOM connecting via several of its European gateways. 

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