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ADM policies
Last updated on: 24 Sep 2019

According with IATA Resolution 850m (Passenger Agency Conference Resolutions Manual), below you will find TAP's ADM (Agent Debit Memo) issuance policy applicable since the June 1, 2014.

An ADM (Agent Debit Memo) will be issued to correct any wrong calculation difference or wrong report such as:

  • Issuance (ex: plate violation, reissuance, refund, applicable on fare, commission and taxes);       
  • Wrong bookings, duplicate or fictitious;
  • Lack of date of birth of Children or Infants on the Name Field, on Endorsement Box or on a PNR SSR;
  • By not following the rules of the Responsible Booking Policies Manual, not excluding other causes or mistakes.

ADMs will be issued via BSPLink and can only be disputed in English and within a deadline of 15 days after its issuance and according to IATA Resolution 850m.  ADMs will be issued and addressed to the issuing Travel Agency or the person responsible for the PNR creation.

In cases of wrong booking procedures by Non-IATA Travel Agencies and due to the fact that debit cannot be issued via BSPLink, TAP reserves the right to invoice the value of the ADM to the agency and/or to inhibit its access to the inventory.

An administrative fee may be collected for ADM issuance.



The language used for ADMs issuance and dispute is English.

You may also check a Quick Reference we have prepared for guidance.

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