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Updated on 17 Sep 2021
Why do we provide you with several alternative channels?
 It was necessary to conduct exhaustive research into the sales patterns, behaviour, size and needs of Travel Agencies.

This research allowed us to realise that one solution does not fit all needs and so TAP Air Portugal is committed to delivering the right solution for each Agency.

Please take a moment to explore the alternative channels we now make available to you and submit your application to the one(s) that best suit your needs.

For further information please contact our Strategic Distribution Team ( or your nominated Key Account Manager.

 What is the Private Channell and what do I need to enroll?
 The Private channel is technologically based on the current GDS platform (Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport), allowing Travel Agents to access preferred content without disruption.

Since Agents retain access through their existing technological infrastructure, they can continue to perform the various back-office processes, such as duty of care, reporting, invoicing, that require GDS support.

Subscribing to the Private Channel means that a contract is signed between TAP Air Portugal and the Travel Agency, where the commercial relationship is materialised. A second contract between the Travel Agency and the GDS will be established, in order to formalise the change to the distribution model.

  What happens if I don’t join any of the alternative channels?

By adopting any of the alternative channels, TAP Air Portugal will be able to provide you access to preferential content and therefore you’ll be able to sell it. Our content differentiation strategy is based on providing better content through less costly channels, allowing us to achieve fair distribution costs.

Nevertheless, if you decide to keep within GDS you’ll still be able to see, book and sell TP flights.

Will I have to support any development and/or integration costs needed to connect directly with TAP Air Portugal?

By connecting directly to TAP Air Portugal you will have access to preferential content and this will undoubtedly be a commercial advantage that will allow you to distinguish yourself in an increasingly competitive market.

If you choose NDC (available soon), investment will be required for technological development and integration. However, TAP Air Portugal will not be able to support the Agencies financially as they own the infrastructure.


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