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Transportation of biological materials
Updated on 23 Feb 2018

Biological materials can be carried on board TAP's aircrafts under special conditions and upon special request and authorization.


Mandatory Requirements:

Email our Agency Help Desk up to 72 hours before the flight requesting authorization for transportation.

  • Attach a statement issued by an appropriate entity containing:
    • Type of material to be transported;
    • Purpose of material and guarantee it is not infected/contagious/inflammable/corrosive or toxic;
    • Cooling conditions (ex: dry ice, etc…). If cooled by dry ice, the declaration must include it's weight.  The maximum permitted weight per passenger is 2.5kg / 5lbs;
    • Information regarding box/bag used for transportation: dimensions/total weight including material; if it has batteries, inform the type/number and Wh (watt-hours).
    • Name of person responsible for transportation.    


The responsible person carrying the material must be informed that:

  • For all flights out of Portugal, including transfers, an authorization issued by ANAC, the Portuguese Civil Aviation Authority, must be obtained, in order to be accepted through airport security checks. If the material is unsuitable for RX screening, that should be transmitted in advance. The request is submitted on ANAC's form by email to or via fax to (+351) 218423587;
  • The passenger must contact similar authorities in the itinerary in order to check if they also require the issuance of their own authorization;
  • The passenger is responsible for any permits and documents which the local authorities may require;
  • Only the authorization will enable the passage through airport control areas/security checks.           
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