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COVID19 - EXTENDED VALIDITY for Travel and Refund
Updated on 25 Jun 2021

In the context of COVID-19, Tap Air Portugal has extended the validity of its tickets to allow you to change or refund beyond the 12-month validity period, thus giving you greater flexibility and autonomy in managing your TAP tickets.
With the reopening of GDS refunds, these tickets can now be processed in your GDS.

The extension of ticket validity for changes and refunds applies as follows :

  • INVOLUNTARY (flights cancelled by the airline) — Ticket issued with departure date on or after 03 March 20.
  • VOLUNTARY (confirmed flights, refund according to the fare rules) — Ticket issued with an initial travel date between 03 March 20 and 30 June 21.
Please Note:

The 24-month validity period for use or refund of Tickets/EMDs issued between 20 November 20 and 30 June 21 remains in force.

All situations requiring prior approval by TAP for refund (e.g. UN on a flight operated by another airline) must still be submitted to the Agency Help Desk for analysis.

Additionally, TAP will allow refunds previously submitted for refund to TAP through Agency Help Desk or TAP Agents portal and still open to be processed directly by the agency in GDS.
Should a refund request that has been previously submitted for refund be processed by the Agency in duplicate, an ADM for the duplicate refunded amount will be sent to the issuing agency.

When attempting to refund a document in GDS if you receive an error message such as: 

please send the refund request to Agency Help Desk with EXPIRED DOCUMENT FOR REFUND in the subject line.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us through the usual channels .



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