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Rail&Fly Germany - Partnership with Deutsche Bahn
Updated on 26 Jan 2022

RAIL & FLY is a product offered by TAP in partnership with the German railroad company Deutsche Bahn (DB), which allows passengers to travel between all train stations operated by Deutsche Bahn in Germany (but also in Basel and Salzburg) and between all airports served by the TAP network in Germany and also between the airports of Amsterdam (AMS), Zurich (ZRH) and Brussels (BRU) - this last will be available soon.

"Rail&Fly" advantages:

  • Travel booking without a specific rail connection - this means that the schedule on the day of the trip can be freely selected between all DB trains.
  • From / to each of the more than 5,600 DB train stations.
  • To/from any airport in Germany where TAP operates, as well as to/from the airports of Amsterdam, Zurich and Brussels (coming soon).
  • Valid on the usual route in the direction of the destination station. Detours due to the timetable are permitted.
  • Valid on the day before departure and on the day of departure, as well as on the day of return and the day after.
Note: Due to a system change on 01.01.2022, (end of DB agreement with AccesRail and start of new agreement with Worldticket) there are two different check-in processes for Rail&Fly tickets with a travel date from 01.01.2022 up to and including 31.03.2022. See the information in the section below "Check-In with Deutsche Bahn". 


Deutsche Bahn (2A) operated segments, are published as  W2 on GDSs and are represented in an availability display or fare Display with the city code QYG (IATA city code for any train station in Germany).
QYG = Railway Germany (IATA city code for any train station in Germany and also Basel and Salzburg)

TAP has published fares  for automatic pricing from Portugal and other TAP destinations to QYG and vice versa,  quoting as if it were an airport in Germany. Request a normal fare display to QYG or from QYG. Fares are available on Brands Basic, Classic, Plus, Executive and TOP Executive.

You should first check availability for the airport you want and only then make a reservation according to the applicable fare. The train segment is represented by a W2 flight segment and must be booked in Y (2nd class) for all economy class fares or in F (1st class) for business class fares.

You have 2 ways of Booking:

  • You can request a normal availability from/to the airport you wish and after that request an availability from/to the same airport to the train station QYG and book the segment Rail&Fly with the same flight date ;
  • or make an availability from the city of origin to QYG, or vice versa, by entering the transit point (airport) to the train:



AN1A26AUGLISFRA/ATP   - Availability with link to TAP

followed by

AN1A26AUGFRAQYG/AW2 - Availabilty for the DBahn segment

Or request an availability from origin to QYG, adding the transfer point (airport) to the train:
AN1A26AUGLISQYG/XFRA/ATP,W2 (X/FRA means connecting point to the train, adding after that the airline and train company codes, ATP,W2).


A26AUGLISFRA*TP  - Availability with link to TAP

followed by

A26AUGFRAQYG/W2 - Availabilty for the DBahn segment

Or request an availability from origin to QYG, adding the transfer point (airport) to the train:
A26AUGLISQYG.FRA*TP/W2  (.FRA means connecting point to the train, adding after that airline and train company codes, *TP/W2).

If the transfer airport is not entered manually, it will be necessary to pay attention to the connection alternatives that the GDS shows, so that there is no mistake to book through a route that the passenger does not want. TAP has connections through all the destinations it serves in Germany, as well as from Amsterdam or Zurich.

Passengers should be advised that train schedules published in Amadeus are only informative and good for obtaining the coupons eligibility for the train segment of the ETKT.  The Deutsche Bahn timetable ( should be consulted, taking into account the time required for disembarking / embarking flights.

Train tickets are valid for the day before departure, departure day, arrival day and the day after. However, when booking, you must mention that you will be using the ticket the day before.

Upon completion of the reservation, the PNR will receive SSRs with the links to: 

No airline tickets should be issued before these SSRs are received at the PNRs.

Note: "Pick up numbers" are no longer used since June 2020 - therefore passengers can only check in online.  Learn more about check-in under the tab "CHECK-IN WITH DEUTSCHE BAHN".

We recommend consulting the up-to-date and detailed information about Rail&Fly - HERE.

You can download the information in English (or German), print it out and give it to your passengers. It is essential that they are aware of all the steps to take before boarding a train.

Starting 72 hours before departure, the ticket is available in the system for check-in and download. To do this, passengers must open the link provided in the flight booking confirmation. Alternatively, passengers can identify the check-in website by the Rail&Fly flight number.

In the SSR message you will find information about the link you should use for check-in: 

  • For segments that still have a 9B number, Check-in takes place via: check-in.accesrail (website of former partner AccesRail)
  • For segments with a W2 number, check-in takes place via: rail-checkin (website of new partner Worldticket)

The passenger must enter his or her name and airline ticket number or PNR and follow the check-in process.

If the passenger has to check-in via the new rail-checkin website, there will be two new adjustments:

  • If several passengers booked on the same PNR (can be identified by the same booking code/registration locator) use the same rail connection, these passengers (max. 5 people) can check in together and then receive a joint ticket. Alternatively, a separate check-in can also be performed.
  • In addition, in the future, the passenger will already select a rail connection corresponding to his or her flight in the check-in process. This means that a separate rail connection search is no longer necessary. However, the train and air ticket can be used flexibly on the day of travel without being associated with a specific train. 
To travel to/from the airport with Rail&Fly, passengers will need the following documentation:
  • Train ticket: printed or on a mobile device
  • Flight itinerary/receipt itinerary
  • Valid passport/ID card 

 Starting 72 hours before the train trip, the ticket is made available in the system for check-in and download. 

If no actual ticket has been printed yet through the ticket can still be reissued. If it has already been done, you should contact TAP, however this is a very complicated process with the DBahn Travel Centre, since this is not an easily verifiable situation and should be avoided at all costs.  It is advisable to issue as close as possible to the train journey.  

Any passengers seeking a refund due to delayed or cancelled trains can contact DB’s Passenger Rights Service Centre directly.

Details and formulars are available in the following website: Passenger Rights 

  • In case a  passenger already purchased the airticket to one of the elegible airports  and decides to add the train ticket later, that will be possible (except for tickets in brand Discount or Basic). The ticket will have to be re-priced and reissued in order to include the train ticket coupon. This is a voluntary change, except if sold on TP Website, as it cannot be booked directly online. Nevertheless, the fare must be recalculated to include the train coupon, and the original fare rules must be followed, particularly in terms of rerouting.
  • Tickets with Rail&Fly coupons can only be refunded (subject to the rules of the fares) if the actual DBahn ticket has not been printed and the corresponding coupon on the airline ticket is "open".
  • Tickets should be printed the closest to the day of travel to simplify the process of date change in case the passenger changes  plans (although it is possible to do it within 72 hours of the flight, it is recommended to do it 3 hours before flight departure time).
  • Passengers must be advised that train schedules printed on TAP availability are simply informative for ticket issuance with all coupons, including the train trips. Passenger should always consult the schedules when printing the train ticket which he will have to show when boarding the train, as well as, his identification (passport or identity card).
  • Special Needs Passengers (e.g.: WCHR, WCHS, etc…), will also have these services available with Deutsche Bahn, but only when boarding and disembarking the trains. Please mind it’s not possible to assist theses passengers when transiting from trains to airline check-in and vice versa.
  • More information at
  • Two passengers booked on same PNR with final destination QYG don’t necessarily have to travel from/to same train station in Germany. Only the flight must be common.
  • RAIL & FLY tickets are valid on regular DBahn trains. Not valid on ICE Sprinter or CityNightLine, as well as other companies like Thalys trains or others which are not DBahn.

For more information please visit:

 DB Partner Portal

Rail&Fly - the train to your plane


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