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Self Recovery Tool
Updated on 20 May 2022

What is the Self Recovery tool?

Self Recovery is a feature developed by TAP that allows autonomous management of flight bookings operated by TAP when impacted by an irregularity, either by the passenger or by the Agent on his behalf. 

Access to the means already at the Travel Agents' disposal (GDS and BSP) remains unchanged. 

Self Recovery works on irregularities notified in bookings up to 45 days before the trip and is activated when passengers are protected and/or rerouted.

How does it work?

Regardless of the origin of the booking, i.e. whether it is from an agency or TAP's direct channel, the first contact in the booking receives an SMS/email notification about the irregularity up to 45 days before the scheduled travel date.

From this notification, it is possible to access Self Recovery which, from the moment of notification, allows the customer to choose one of the following actions

  • Keep the alternative flight designated by TAP
  • Change the alternative flight designated by TAP and book another flight operated by TAP.
  • If the passenger opts for a refund, they will be informed to contact the travel agency
  • Request proof of irregularity

Requests for refunds must be processed according to the rules in force.

The following types of SSR will appear on PNRs:

  • SREC: Passenger meets criteria pre-defined by TAP, which allow them to use the Self Service feature. 
  • SRCA: Passenger agrees with the protection given
  • SRCM: Given the protection given after the irregularity, the passenger decided to change the booking, choosing a new flight according to availability.
  • SRCC: Passenger has decided, of his own free will, to cancel the reservation. This cancellation action will be reflected on all reservation elements, i.e. it will cancel all active segments and not only the protection one.

This feature is not available for the following cases:

  • Group bookings (with more than 9 passengers)
  • Bookings with deported passengers or unaccompanied minors
  • Bookings with wheelchairs and other specialised medical services such as stretchers etc.
  • Reservations with special seat requests
  • Reservations without contacts
  • Reservations with a segment operated by another company

Find more information about this tool here.



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