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Spending miles on air and with other partners
Updated on 28 Jun 2019

There are several options for a member to redeem miles accrued on TAP's Frequent Flyer Program Miles&Go:

  • Exchange miles for award tickets on TAP,  Star Alliance or other partner airlines.
  • Upgrades to experience what the Business Class has to offer.
  • A get away from the routine with a Round-the-World journey on Star Alliance.
  • Transfer miles to other members of the program.
  • Donations to institutions that TAP supports. 
  • Use miles as a part-payment for tickets with Miles&Go.
  • Exchange miles for goodies from our online store.
  • And other countless exclusive discounts redeemable on the ground.


From 27 June TAP 2019 is offering a new way to book award tickets, which will now verify the price and demand for flights with more flexible fares. This means there will be more seats available on your selected flights. The cost of a flight in miles will be calculated according to the available space on the flight, meaning that there are no fixed miles and the savings can go up to 49% compared to the previous miles table. Booking in advance will allow better offers and lower cost.

Example of the new table for Award Tickets for departures from Lisbon:

Award Ticket (Miles Only) Class of service Before Now
Lisbon to Fixed Value From
Continental Portugal Economy 7.500 3.250
Madeira and Azores Economy 12.000 5.500
Spain and Morocco Economy 12.500 6.000
Europe 1 Economy 15.000 7.500
Europe 2  Economy 18.500 10.500
Central, East and West Africa Economy 45.000 23.500
Angola and Mozambique Economy 80.000 40.000
North Atlantic (USA) Economy 52.000 29.000
South Atlantic (Brazil) Economy 77.500 39.500
Middle East (Israel) Economy 45.000 17.500
Venezuela Economy 77.500 40.000

Europe1 - France, Belgium, Suitzerland, Italy, Holland, Germany, UK, Ireland.

Europe 2 - Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Russia, Czech Rep., Poland, Austria, Hungary.

For further details, check  Miles&Go Programme

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