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Earning miles in the air and on the ground
Updated on 10 Jul 2024

Now it's even easier to earn miles with the TAP Miles&Go programme. Whether on flights or in day-to-day activities with our partners, members can earn and grow wings to fly further.

Mileage accrual in the air

Members earn miles every time they fly with TAP or TAP's partner airlines. The amount you earn is proportional to the distance flown in miles and also varies depending on the TAP product you choose.

1. Choosing a destination


Get inspired by our various destinations and book your flight. Please indicate your TAP Miles&Go number when booking.

2. Fly worry-free


Miles are automatically credited to the Client's account.

3. Ready to fly again


After landing, Clients can start planning their next trip with the miles they've earned.

Bonus factors on all flights operated by TAP and TAP Express:

  Discount Basic Classic Plus Executive Top Executive
Europe and North Africa 20% Miles X 70% Miles 100% Miles 150% Miles

200% Miles

Intercontinental flights 20% Miles 50% Miles 100% Miles 150% Miles 150% Miles

200% Miles

Terms and Conditions

  • Not applicable on charter flights, bus, train, boat services or with ID, AD, TC, DG or BP tickets.
  • On codeshare flights, miles can generally be earned with a TP flight number (if operated by a TAP Miles&Go partner airline).
  • The accumulation of miles on certain brands orTAP products, flights or routes may be subject to restrictions.


It is important that the name on the booking is the same as the name on the client's TAP Miles&Go Account (first and last name) so that the miles are credited automatically.

Enter your TAP Miles&Go number at the time of booking, preferably before the first End Transaction.

When booking for Miles&Go passengers, the number of frequent passenger must always be entered before the first END TRANSACTION, i.e. as soon as the basic data for creating a passenger name register with flight segments has been entered.

Only this way TAP's system  will read and act on the appropriate priorities for each tier (MilesGo, TAP Miles&Go Silver, TAP Miles&Go Gold or TAP Miles&Go Navigator).

This is especially important for Silver and Gold passengers, who benefit from priority waiting lists and priority check-in, among other things.

For Gold passengers, this process is critical to avoid situations where it is impossible to complete online check-in, leaving passengers in a standby situation and forcing them to complete check-in at the airport.

More benefits of entering the client number at the time of booking:

Miles will be credited automatically when traveling with TAP/TAP Express.

Allocation of meal preference and on-board seat if associated with the Client profile.

Automatic recognition of benefits inherent to the status, such as extra baggage, access to Lounges or Fast track.

Receiving important flight notifications, such as schedule changes.


Star Alliance and other partner airlines

All eligible miles are credited as Bonus Miles to the balance and they can be exchanged for benefits. However, only the miles earned from flights with TAP and members of the Star Alliance network count towards Silver and Gold status.

Miles are credited in accordance with the rules of the airline operating the flight. Charter flights are excluded.

The booking class, which is stated on the ticket, may not match the class used to account for the miles.

The partner can exclude any fare and route that may have been used to obtain discounts on upgrades, according to its rules.

Miles not automatically credited may be claimed up to six months after the flight date. They are subject to credit approval by the partner.

Retroactive claims can be made up to 8 days after the flight date.

See all the TAP Miles&Go Programme Terms and Conditions here.

Miles&Go Pets

With TAP Miles&Go, you can book pet transportation using miles.

Clients accumulate miles when they pay with cash.

Miles can also be used to book your pet's trip onboard our aircraft. Find out all about it HERE

Mileage accrual with TAP credit cards

Discover the cards that turn dreams into destinations:

  • TAP Miles&Go Credit Card
    The credit card with no sign-up fee which, in addition to allowing you to earn miles with your purchases, can also give you access to benefits when traveling, such as Priority Boarding, lounge access and much more!
  • Millennium BCP TAP Credit Cards
    Allows to earn miles on purchases
  • TAP FLY+ Card
    Allows you to earn miles on purchases and offers 2,000 miles when you join.


Millennium BCP TAP Credit Cards

TAP Miles&Go Clients earn Bonus Miles for purchases made with TAP Credit Cards. In addition, for every 5 shopping miles earned with the TAP Card you receive 1 Status Mile, up to a maximum of 5,000 Status Miles per year. Status Miles contribute to the TAP Miles&Go program statuses (TAP Miles&Go, Silver and Gold).


For day-to-day life:

For business:

  • TAP Classic,
  • TAP Gold and
  • TAP Platinum
  • TAP Business

 Find out more about current campaigns.

Terms and Conditions:

  • TAP Credit Cards are only available to TAP Miles&Go Clients with a bank account at any bank in Portugal.
  • Product marketed exclusively in mainland Portugal and the Portuguese islands.
  • Approval is subject to analysis and credit decision by Millennium bcp.
  • TAP Classic: EAPR of 15.7% and APR of 9.900% on a credit limit of €1,750 paid in 12 equal monthly installments of principal plus interest and fees. 
    Information about the TAP Classic credit card.
  • TAP Gold: EAPR of 15.7% and APR of 11.500% on a credit limit of €5,000 paid in 12 equal monthly installments of principal plus interest and fees. 
    Information about the TAP Gold credit card.
  • TAP Platinum: EAPR of 15.7% and APR of 9.600% on a credit limit of €12,500 paid in 12 equal monthly installments of principal plus interest and fees. 
    Information about the TAP Platinum credit card.
  • TAP Business: APR of 16.000% and EAPR of 19.915%. Example for a credit limit of €2,500, paid in 12 monthly installments of interest and repayment of principal in the last installment, considering a card issuance fee of €85. EAPR calculated in accordance with Legislative Decree 220/94 of August 23rd and rounded to the thousandth. Information about the TAP Business credit card.



Your dream trip is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality. The new TAP FLY+ Card is a credit card that allows Clients to pay for TAP trips of €300 or more in 3 interest-free installments, as long as all installments are paid, and to earn TAP Miles&Go miles on purchases or cash withdrawals.

For the travel agency, it works like paying with any other credit card. For clients, the ability to split the payment into three installments could mean the realization of a dream trip! 

Benefits for Clients:

  • When you joining the TAP FLY+ Card, you automatically become a member of the TAP Miles&Go program;
  • Only for residents of Portugal;
  • Annual fee for your TAP FLY+ Card: 1st holder €40 (plus stamp duty); additional holders €15 (plus stamp duty);
  • Automatic splitting of purchases with the TAP FLY+ Card, in 3 interest-free installments, for purchases made on TAP of €300 or more. Valid if you pay all the installments;
  • Possibility of taking out a Personal Loan associated with your card;
  • Payment for services (MBSpot);
  • Commission for using the card to pay at gas stations;
  • Homebanking;
  • Travel assistance and luggage insurances included;
  • Possibility of subscribing to a Financial Protection Plan;
  • Protection in case your card is lost, stolen or misplaced;
  • Payment for services at an ATM;
  • Banking independence (for clients from any bank);
  • 20 to 50 days interest-free credit;
  • 24/7 cancellation line. 
  • The crediting of miles on the TAP Miles&Go Account will be completed within a maximum of 90 days.
  • Miles credited to the Client's account are not reversible.

With the TAP FLY+ Card, issued by Unicre, S.A., you always have 20 to 50 days of interest-free credit.  In other situations, if you don't pay the balance in full, the following applies: EAPR 14.5%. Example for credit limit of €1500; 12-month term; APR of 7.750%. Valid for subscriptions on or after January 1, 2016. For more information contact Unicre S.A.

For more information, visit or call (+351) 213 501 535, weekdays from 9am to 7pm.

Find out more about the current offers

Join TAP Fly + Card in 10 minutes

*The EAPR changes every 3 months. 

Check out the online membership page HERE and find out all the details about the benefits for your clients.


Join online or through your travel agency, and Unicre has a commission plan of €20 per card assigned, when this is done by travel agents. Get in touch with Unicre.


Other partners

The list of air and non-air partners is growing all the time. 

  • Airlines
  • Banks and credit cards
  • Shopping
  • Energy and communications
  • Gourmet
  • Hotels,
  • Leisure, health and well-being
  • Rent-a-car 

Discover all TAP Miles&Go partners here.

Validity of miles

TAP Miles&Go Miles are valid for 3 (three) years from the date of accrual, unless otherwise specified. Some Bonus Miles (such as compensation miles and some promotions) may only be valid for 1 Annual Accrual Period.

Miles are valid from the date of the activity to which they relate.

Before the miles expire, you can extend their validity by paying by credit card. Miles whose validity is extended are considered Bonus Miles and are valid for a further 3 (three) years.


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