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Unaccompanied minors (UMNR)
Updated on 21 Jan 2021
From 22 January and until further notice, the UMNR service can only be provided on point to point travel. No UMNR in transfer will be accepted from that date onwards.  Should you have any confirmed UMNR in transfer service, please contact our Sales Support.

The acceptance of unaccompanied minors - UMNR - onboard TAP flights depends on the child's age.

LESS THAN 2 YEARS OLD Not permitted to travel as UMNR.

Since 11 March 2019, the service of Escort Person (ESHO) is no longer available.


2 to 4 years old may travel as UMNR if traveling with a passenger aged between 12 and 17 years old also traveling as UMNR.


Minors of  5 to 11 years old who travel unaccompanied or travel in a different cabin than the parents/legal guardians will always be considered as UMNR.



May travel accompanied by a 16-year-old or older provided the older child is declared the companion for the entire journey and he/she is able to deal with check-in and other airport formalities; if not declared able, UMNR service will apply to both.


May travel as UMNR at parents/legal guardians request.


 GDS entries





Service fees

Domestic flights

 Europe and Morocco

Other destinations

65€ / 80 USD / 105 CAD 90€ / 110 USD / 140 CAD 130€ / 155 USD / 205CAD

Rates in other currencies shall be converted at the BBR - Bank Buying Rate. 

Service  charges apply as follows:

  • Per Unaccompanied Minor;
  • Per One Way;

In the event of cancellation, the UMNR service will be refunded only if cancelled before departure of the flight.



Waitlisted bookings are not accepted; the reservation must be confirmed and ticket issued only after service has been confirmed.

UMNR specific seats onboard are mandatory at the time of booking of service.

It is mandatory to inform TAP  regarding the nominated contacts (telephone and address) of the persons who will be sending/receiving the minor at origin and destination airports. Add contacts as OSI CTC. A paper UMNR form with this data will be carried by the minor.

  • The nominated contacts - sender and receiver -  are responsible for: 
    • Drop-off pick-up the UMNR with TAP staff 
    • Hand over the completed UMNR form and EMD receipt
    • Provide identification matching the name on the reservation and UM form
    • Remain at the airport until the flight  is in the air
    • Be reachable by phone at any time, while the child is in TAP’s care


Same days connections are possible but connections with a night stop are not permitted unless parents or legal guardians have made private arrangements for minors to be accompanied during that time and be escorted back to the airport for the next flight.

Minors traveling in a different cabin than the parents/legal guardians will always be considered as UMNR.


UMNRs on interlining or code-share flights

From 22 January 2021 and until further notice, the UMNR service can only be provided on point to point travel. -

Each airline has its own rules for the transportation of UMNR in terms of age and interlining conditions.

In such cases never issue a ticket before the airlines involved in the itinerary have confirmed the facility and their acceptance conditions (e.g. interlining and charges). Stopovers and overnights are not allowed.

Some airlines do not have UMNR transfer agreements, that is,  they do not accept UMNR in transit and transfer them to another carrier or receive them from another carrier.

In case of flights operating in code-share, before making any booking also clarify if such an agreement exist. It may happen that some carriers do not accept UMNR under the marketing flight code but be able to accept the service under the operating flight code.

The Brazilian airlines GOL (G3) y Azul (AD)  do not accept requests for UMNR services on interline or codeshare bookings.

  • Contact  G3 or AD directly to book the Brazilian domestic flight and issue the ticket separately. There will be no transfer of the minor between airlines!
  • The flights of these airlines must not be booked in the same PNR of the TAP flights.

For United (UA)  the UMNR service is mandatory for minors between 5 and 15 years of age. Nevertheless, UA only accepts this service on nonstop flights and does not accept interlining.

Since the 01st of September of 2016, Finnair (AY) stopped accepting UMNR service with interline.            


Whenever an itinerary includes more than one airline, the UNMR charges will be those of the first airline on the journey. There may be exceptions, however.

Some airlines do not have a UMNR charge but charge an adult fare, for example. The booking must indicate this procedure so that the first carrier is aware and charges only its own part.

In all cases of interlining or code-share (TP flight operated by another airline), contact the Agency Help Desk.


Escort service (ESHO)- since 11 March 2019 this service is no longer available.


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