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COVID-19: Procedures for TAP 047 tickets issued up to MAR 7, 2020

These procedures are no longer valid

Due to the evolution of the situation regarding Covid-19, and for all TAP 047 tickets issued until 07 MARCH 2020 - valid for all TAP destinations -, TAP will has put in place the following procedures:

  • Rebooking and rerouting permitted for tickets with original travel date until 31 MAY 2020
  • New travel date until 31 MAY 2020 (1)
  • Valid for roundtrip or oneway tickets;
  • Authorized waive of DU tax

Tickets with flights to

  • Italy: VCE, MXP, FLR, BLQ, FCO, NAP
  • Angola starting: China, South Korea, Iran, Italy, Nigeria, Egypt, Algeria
  • Israel starting: China, Hong Kong (SAR China), Macau (SAR China), Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Austria, Spain, France, Germany and Switzerland - since the entry of people from these countries is prohibited
    • Passengers who have been in transit in one of the aforementioned countries will not be denied entry to Israel, with the exception of passengers transiting Italy, China and South Korea

⇒ fare difference to be charged


Tickets with flights to all other destinations on the TAP network

⇒ fare difference to be charged but rebooking must be made up to 21 days before departure


  • Information on Endorsement Box: REROUTING DUE TO COVID-19 

(1) All tickets with travel starting after this date are excluded from these procedures.



Since March 3, Angola has banned all foreigners from countries with indigenous cases of the new coronavirus, namely China, South Korea, Iran, Italy, Nigeria, Egypt and Algeria.

TAP asks all travel agents with customers traveling on TAP flights, to warn them not to embark at their airports of origin, since in Lisbon they will not be accepted on flights to Luanda!



Non-Israeli passengers from Germany, France, Spain, Austria and Switzerland will be denied entry to Israel. Israelis travelling from these countries will be allowed to enter their country, provided they stay in home quarantine for 14 days!

This measure will take effect on March 6, 2020 (Friday). This condition already applies to travelers from China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, Japan, South Korea and Italy.

United States of America

The US Government has announced entry restrictions to passengers who have traveled to China (excluding Hong Kong and Macau) in the last 14 days prior to arriving to the United States.

American citizens or citizens with a permanent resident card: The Government has declared quarantine for all those who have been to the province of Wuhan or Hubei in the two weeks prior to the intended arrival to the United States. Citizens who have been to other Chinese provinces will be screened, monitored and instructed on how to proceed with self-quarantine.

Foreigners: Entry will not be permitted to those who have been to China in the 14 days prior to the arrival to the intended arrival to the United States for two weeks.

All journeys originating in China will be directed to 10 airports in the United States: New York-JFK, Chicago O’Hare, San Francisco, Seattle, Atlanta, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Washington, Dallas and Detroit. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) also now has triage zones and quarantine stations in various American airports.

The US Government has also decided to treat all foreign citizens that may have passed through China, as citizens who have effectively been in China and, for this reason, the entry restriction to the USA is also applied to these passengers.

The US Department of Transportation has confirmed that airlines can deny boarding to passengers whom have been to China in the last days, if they present high fevers and shortness of breath. If passengers present the mentioned symptoms, but have not been to China, they will need to present a medical certificate confirming that their condition is not contagious.

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