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TAP-047 documents now valid for 24 months
These conditions have changed. See the new conditions here.

All TAP-047 documents (tickets and EMDs) issued up to the present date and new documents issued until 31 March 2021, are now valid for 24 months (instead of 12 months) for use and refund.

This new rule applies to all active documents (valid) or new ones.

NOTE - This flexibility does not apply to documents that have expired in the meantime.


Validity of a totally unused ticket/EMD - 24 months from the date of issue. For reissued tickets, the 24 Months will be counted from the date of reissue.

Validity of a partially used ticket/EMDs - For tickets, 24 months from the date of departure. For EMDs, 24 Months after the date of the first used flight coupon.

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