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Flygroups - Quote, Book and Issue
Updated on 26 Sep 2022
Fly Groups - our website for quotation, reservation and issuance of Ad-hoc Groups, with dynamic pricing offers!

Flygroups allows Quotations and Group Bookings, on flights operated by TAP, by all IATA and Non-IATA Agencies. 

If you do not yet have an account on the platform, know that creating an account on Fly Groups is easy:

Creating a Fly Groups account:

  1. Enter the login page
  2. Choose "I'm a travel industry professional"
  3. Select “Create an Account” option.
  4. Fill the required data, indicating if you are an IATA or NON-IATA agent.
  5. Enter the Agency Administrator account information.
  6. Submit your request.


TAP must first approve your account so that you can be an active member. 
Once TAP have accepted your online request to join Flygroups, you will automatically receive your account information via e-mail.

Book through Fly Groups:

  • One-way, Round trip or Multi-city, from 10 to up to a maximum of 95 seats;
    • Exceptions that should continue to be requested by emailing the Groups Desk via email to
      • Larger groups
      • Groups in Executive Class
      • Series (allotments)
      • Groups with interline flights
  • For an increase of more than 9 passengers, a new request in the Fly Groups must be made.


If space is available you will receive an automatic price quotation for each flight. One of the following actions must be performed:

  • "Save Offer" - The price is kept for a maximum period of 5 days (120 hours).  If saved, TAP guarantees the price during this period, but does not guarantee the space
  • "Accept Quote and Contract" - The quotation is accepted and a PNR is generated.
  • "Reject" - Rejects the offer; however it will only be visible after pressing the "Save Offer" button.

If no action is taken after obtaining a quotation, it will expire after 60 minutes.

From now on, a contract is automatically associated with the quote accepted by the travel agent.


It may happen that in some periods or for some routes, during the quotation process, an automatic quotation may not be received due to the need for prior analysis by our space management department.

In this process, we will ask you to indicate some preferences / flexibility of flights / dates, etc., as well as other aspects that may be of help in the analysis.

After we receive the additional information, the following may occur:

> Rejection of the request
> Quotation is sent
> If the price is not accepted, you will need to request a new group for other dates / flights / route.

Other Features - Servicing:

  • Change Booking
  • Reduce number of seats
  • Cancel partially (split PNR) and totally 
  • Add, remove and modify passenger's names (adults, children and babies)
  • Add, remove and modify SSR DOCS and FQVT
  • Make Deposit and Final Payment
  • Request Group Closure(1)


Group Contract

With the new version of Fly Groups available from now on, the contract is automatically associated by clicking "Accept Quote and Contract".



Itinerary Changes

If a change of itinerary is requested, the request will be reevaluated automatically and a new quotation will be offered for the new itinerary. The price may differ from the original quotation.

Before making any partial changes to the itinerary/dates/flights, it is necessary to first divide the number of seats requesting the change(s).


Group bookings are not eligible for Upgrade with miles.

If the customer wishes to travel in Business class, please contact the Groups area to assess the possibility of changing his or her Cabin of travel, upon payment of the corresponding Business class fare. 

The inability to upgrade with miles in advance does not affect the customer's option to request an upgrade at the airport, at check-in or at the boarding gate, upon payment.

The eligible customers for this benefit may also request a Last Minute Upgrade with miles at the boarding gate, subject to availability.

Name deadlines

Fly Groups will cancel or automatically reduce groups which have exceeded the deadline to insert names as contracted on “Terms and Conditions”.

Fly Groups will notify the travel agency 24 hours in advance regarding cancellations or space reduction. This warning will always consider the weekends.

In case the Travel Agency has already requested the issuance of the tickets or is in process of making a payment, these cancellations will not be applied.


Fly Groups will cancel or automatically reduce groups which have exceeded the ticketing time limit, based on what has been defined in the agreement.  These rules are similar to the deadline to insert names.


(1)Closing of a Group for issuance 

  • IATA & Non-IATA Agencies – closing for issuance must be requested and registered on the Fly Groups platform and tickets will be issued through Fly Groups.  The form of payment accepted is a Bank Transfer.



Groups are issued in the brand Basic.

Issuance fees:

AD-hoc Groups 

Issuance fees

Issued via  DV tax $
Private Channel Agencies GDS 7USD / 7CAD 

Non-Private Channel Agencies

All Flygroups 7USD / 7CAD 

Valid for TAP/NI/WI operated flights


Changes / Refunds

After Ticket Issued: 

1. Name corrections are accepted with a penalty fee of  61USD / 77CAD. 

2. Name corrections are allowed free of charge (maximum 3 characters, excluding title).

3. Refunds – NOT ALLOWED


Group Desk Contact

Office Hours:  Monday through Friday:  9:00 am - 5:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time)



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