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Charter flights
Updated on 19 Aug 2020

If you have a big group of passengers travelling to a destination outside TAP's network or too big to accommodate on a regular flight, it's possible to charter a TAP aircraft at competitive prices.

Prices per charter flight vary depending on the distance, the number of passengers, the departure airport and the service you choose.

Request a quotation here.

The flexibility of the TAP Group's fleet management allows direct charter flights to and from Lisbon, Porto, Faro, Funchal, Terceira and Ponta Delgada to/from the requested destination.

After a quotation has been given by our charters' department, you are given access to the integrated management platform, Flycharters, which allows the autonomy of several services:

  • automatic name insertion;
  • split of PNRs (e.g. to allow grouping of families);
  • automatic insertion of the charter ticket.

Charter flights operated by the TAP Group have access to Web check-in:

  • from 36 hours before departure;
  • issuance of boarding pass;
  • seating and reseating

Additional services can also be requested such as customization of meals, personalization of headrests, menus, blankets, etc.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The pricing request applies to one-way and round-trip reservations, where all passengers must always travel together;
  • The pricing request must be made at least 72 hours in advance of the intended date for the outward flight;
  • The group must have a minimum number of 25 passengers, where sum includes the total amount of adults and children;
  • Each adult can only travel with 4 children or with a child and a baby;
  • This service is not limited to TAP routes only;
  • This service can be booked subject to the availability of aircraft for the desired times;
  • The passengers' names, contacts and personal identification documents (such as identity card, citizen card, passport, etc.) must be provided to TAP to the extent established in the contract;
  • Changes to or refunds of tickets already issued are not allowed;
  • Quotes are only valid for flights operated by TAP or TAP Express.
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