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Reissuances and revalidations
Updated on 16 Sep 2019


Whenever a re-issuance for flight/date/routing is necessary, the fare rule of the original ticket must be thoroughly verified. Most of TAP's rules apply per fare component. Always check if it's the case and strictly follow the rules. 


Reissuance for correction of name

TAP allows the correction of names on bookings provided there is no change of passenger and according to the procedures below:

  • Tickets with plating 047 and on TP/NI  WI operated flights only
  • Same flights and dates as originally booked.

a) Directly on GDS it's permitted to correct:

  • Up to 3 characters on the family name, on the same transaction and at only one time (ex: SULVA/AUGUSTA MRS to SILVA/AUGUSTA MRS . Changing to a different surname is not authorized!
  • Given name, ex: SILVA/AUGUSTA MRS can be corrected to SILVA/MARIAAUGUSTA MRS (changing the first name to a completely different first name is not authorized).
  • Title: MR to MRS, MSTR to MISS or vice versa.

b) Submitted to our Help Desk:

  • Incomplete family name, e.g. PIMENTEL/ANA MRS to ALVESPIMENTEL/ANA MRS (for example, to match the name on the FFP card)
  • Change of surname due to change of marital status  - requires presentation of a copy of old and new IDs/Passports.
  • Surname or given name swap, e.g. JOAO/SILVA MR to SILVA/JOAO MR.

Ticket re-issuance is authorized in all the above situations but a fee of EUR30 (DU Tax) applies. The fee is not applicable to:

  • Infants' tickets
  • Correction of ONE letter of the family name of the given name
  • Correction of one letter in title (e.g. Mr to Mrs) - no fee applies

It is mandatory to add the remark on the new ticket Endo Box: REISSUE DUE CORR NAME

If there is an associated EMD, it must also be reissued (NO ADC).



Only  TAP's non-restrictive fares can be revalidated provided the fare note shows the text below:


Revalidation is possible on 047 tickets only where TP is the sole carrier on the itinerary  (TP/NI/WI operated flights).

If any restrictive fares are revalidated, an ADM may be issued.

Tickets issued for other airlines operated flights but with TP flight number (codeshare flights), no matter which fares they have been issued with will have to be reissued.


Revalidation by the travel agent authorized in case of irregularity (INVOL)

Revalidation of TAP tickets by the travel agents shall be permitted in case of involuntary schedule changes (status "TK") and cancellation  (status "UN") of flights operated by TAP.

  • In case of schedule change  (status "TK"), as long as the original flight is maintained
  • In case of cancellation (status "UN") of a TAP flight (TAP flight number), provided the proposed alternative is accepted.

If the proposed alternative is not accepted by the passenger or the connection (MCT) is compromised, please contact the Travel Agency Help Desk.
Make sure the ticket is revalidated at the latest until 10 days after receiving the status Un or TK in the PNR.



In case of voluntary changes before original flight departure, revalidation or re-issuance of a ticket must be concluded until 24 hours after booking is changed and never after the scheduled time of original flight. If this condition is not followed, an ADM for the amount of EUR25.00 per ticket will be issued.

For cases of voluntary changes after the scheduled time of original flight (no show), ticket revalidation or reissuance must be concluded until 24 hours after rebooking is made. If this condition is not followed, an ADM for the amount of EUR25.00 per ticket will be issued.

Penalties for voluntary changes must be collected as TAX with code "DU".

For guidance, we created a "Quick Reference" regarding good practices to avoid ADMs.

EMDs: All EMDs may be reused for the same service within one (1) year from the date of issuance.

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