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Authorized flexibiities
Last updated on: 16 Sep 2019

Below you can find all commercial flexibilities authorized by TAP.  Any other practices which are not on the list or that have not been exceptionally authorized will be subject to an ADM.

Name correction on bookings

TAP allows the correction of passenger names on bookings according to the procedures below:

  • Tickets with plating 047 and on TP/NI/WI operated flights only
  • Same flights and dates as originally booked.

a) Directly on GDS it's permitted to correct:

  • Up to 3 characters on  family name, on same transaction and only one time (ex: SULVA/AUGUSTA MRS to SILVA/AUGUSTA MRS).  Changing to a different surname is not authorized!
  • Given name, ex: SILVA/AUGUSTA MRS can be corrected to SILVA/MARIAAUGUSTA MRS (changing first name to a completely different first name is not authorized).
  • Nickname instead of first name Example: GREEN/KATHY MRS to GREEN/KATHERINE MRS
  • Title: MR to MRS, MSTR to MISS or vice versa.

b) Corrections submitted to our Agency Help Desk:

  • Incomplete family name, e.g. PIMENTEL/ANA MRS to ALVESPIMENTEL/ANA MRS (for example, to match the name on the FFP card)
  • Change of surname due to change of marital status - requires proof with a copy of the old and new IDs/Passports
  • Surname or given name swap, e.g. JOAO/SILVA MR to SILVA/JOAO MR

Ticket reissuance is authorized on all the above situations with a fee of 36USD / 47CAD / 30EUR charged as a DU Tax in BSP, or as an EMD or Penalty Fee in ARC.  Fee does not apply to:

  • Infants's tickets
  • Correction of ONE letter on family name or given name (only once) 
  • Correction of one letter in title (e.g. Mr to Mrs)

It is mandatory to add the remark on the new ticket Endo Box: REISSUE DUE CORR NAME

If all the above procedures are correctly followed there is no need to send a copy of new electronic tickets to our Agency Help Desk for verification, except in case of name correction due change of marital status.


Direct refunds are authorized with a fee of 40USD / 50CAD / 30EUR (CANX FEE) in the following situations:

  • Death of passenger or family member (must present a death certificate / certificate of kinship).

Direct refunds with no fee:

Ticket 047 - TAP operating carrier or other Airline - duly substantiated cancellations and / or delays.

  • Delay up to 5 hours – Refund according fare rules.
  • Cancellation and / or delay in which the alternative given by the company causes a delayed arrival of more than 5 hours - Refund  without penalty.
    • in case of cancellation of another airline's flight or TP marketing flight. You must first contact TAP for authorization.
  • Delay that results in misconnection and/or an overnight stay  – Refund  without penalty. You must first contact TAP for authorization.

In case of "UN" or "TK due to flight renumbering, fare rules apply.

If the cancellation or delay refers to a flight operated by another Airline, it is mandatory to send TAP the copy of the Refund Notice, ticket and copy of the change in the reservation, during the month of the refund processing, by email to our Help Desk-

In case of doubt, please contact or Agency Help Desk by email at For a correct priority assignment and analysis of the emails, TAP  has set a number of keywords to be used on the Subject of every email  addressed to the Agency Help Desk. Only  their correct usage will result in a more quick and efficient response to your questions.

1. Booking – use PNR

2. Ticketing – use TKT.  In case of reissuance/issuance within 24 hours of flight, use TKT-24H.  Regarding AD/PEP fare tickets, use TKT-AD

3. Special Requests – use SSR

4.  Waive – use WAIVE

5. Irregularity – Use IRREG.  In case irregularity is within 24 hours of flight, use IRREG-24H

6.  Check-in – use CKIN

7. Baggage – use BAG

8.  Governmental Requisition - use GOV

9 . Frequent Flyer Gold Passenger – use GOLD

10.  Medical Case – use MEDICAL

11. Seating – use SEAT

12. If you need to be contacted by the Help Desk – use CALLME

13. If client is in front of you and you need an urgent reply – use F2F

14. Other cases which are not mentioned above – use GENERAL

Every time an email is sent to the Agency Help Desk, an automatic reply will be sent with a Case Number for your reference. If you wish to follow up on a pending case, please reply to the email which you received from our Agency Help Desk with your Case Number in the Subject line, instead of sending a new email or replying to/forwarding your original email.  If a new email or a reply/forward of the original email is done, a new Case Number will be generated at our Agency Help Desk.  

Once your Case Number is solved, you will receive a case closed notification.  When a case is closed it will not be possible to re-open. If it is necessary to discuss a closed cased, a new e-mail has to be sent,  in which you can refer to the original case number. Never forward an email regarding a case already closed.

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