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Concession of PEP fares to IATA Agents
Updated on 21 Feb 2022

As a normal practice of the airline industry, TAP is replacing its concession of Agent Discounts (a.k.a. AD) with Special Fares named "Professional Experience Product" – PEP.


Discount, Booking and Issuance Procedures:

  • 50% discount on Economy Class - booking class E - any Brand and according to availability, valid for the travel agent and one companion;
  • 40% discount on Business Class - booking class J - any Brand and according to availability, valid for the travel agent and one companion;
  • All Airport Taxes and YQ apply.
  • Ticket Service Fee – 15 EUR for all destinations;
  • Applicable Fare Rules of Brand used must be adhered to;
  • Booking may be made by travel agent;
  • Issuance made by TAP's Agency Help Desk.


Request and Deadline for Issuance:

  • An email with the ARC/IATA list on company letterhead and verification of employment signed by the Agency owner must be sent to our Agency Help Desk.
  • All inquiries will be confirmed after the responsible Sales Manager has granted the approval.
  • Electronic Tickets must be issued no latest than the working day before TDC (PNR deadline).
  • Contact our Help Desk for payment details.



Should a receipt of the Electronic Ticket be necessary, it may be requested by sending an email to our Agency Help Desk.

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